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Housekeepers: Upholding the Honorable Unwritten Rules and Code of Conduct

Surprising as it may seem, it is a well-known fact in our sector that whereas middle-class families tidy up before their cleaner arrives, our principles are more likely to leave everything where it is for their trusty housekeepers and staff to dispose of. Housekeepers, with their exceptional dedication and expertise, play a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of a household, even in the face of unexpected tasks.

The unwritten code of conduct which all housekeepers follow includes ethical considerations such as maintaining privacy at all times and behavioural considerations such as maintaining a positive attitude in every circumstance. A sanguine housekeeper will not become over-familiar and will always be responsible for his or her actions. Dedication is shown to the role and family. Irving Scott’s candidates for housekeeping positions are consistent, coherent and creative.

As a crucial component of the relationship that exists between the two parties, trust is bestowed upon a housekeeper from the very first moment that they start working for their employer. When working with sensitive information, one of our fundamental obligations as recruiters is to thoroughly analyze each candidate on the basis of their capacity to maintain confidentiality and their level of discretion.

We may inquire about the number of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) a candidate has signed over the course of their career; however, we will never delve into the specifics of the secrets that are included inside the treaties themselves. This is because we strictly adhere to the notion that we will not disclose any information obtained via our investigation.

Irving Scott does a good job of conveying to those discerning customers who are seeking for new domestic employees for their houses the unwavering faith that we have in our listed housekeepers. These customers are looking for new staff for their homes. The households of these customers require the services of fresh domestic persons.

Our exceptional rate of success in the placement of housekeepers can be attributed to our innate ability to recognize candidates who possess the necessary skills and aptitude to handle surprisingly intimate details within the families they serve. This is accomplished without inquiring into the specifics of how the candidates gained such experience, which contributes to our ability to achieve such a high rate of success. As a result of this, we have been able to attain a placement rate that is much greater than the average for the industry.

We are conscious of the fact that a mutual respect between a housekeeper and their employers is necessary in order for there to be a positive working relationship between the two sides. When housekeepers mention the respect they have shown to their previous employers as well as the respect they have gained from those employers, it is very evident that this displays a strong foundation of trust and professionalism.

The unflappable and can-do attitude of many of our housekeepers shines through as a differentiating feature even when observed in the most minute detail. Even the most cursory of examinations cannot hide the fact that this characteristic is there. As recruiters, one of the first things that attracts our attention about a prospect is their ability to not only meet but also consistently exceed the requirements of the position.

When a reliable housekeeper gives their stamp of approval to a given course of action, you can assume that it will be carried out as planned without a hitch because they have your best interests at heart. They exhibit creativity and ingenuity in order to find a solution in the event that a problem emerges that was not expected.

They do this without attempting to garner any praise or recognition for the great work that they accomplish. It is simply not in the character of housekeepers to seek praise or appreciation for the excellent standards of service they provide, despite the fact that they take a great deal of pleasure in the work that they do. Despite the fact that housekeepers take a great deal of pride in their work, this remains the case.

Last but not least, it was mentioned at the beginning of this discussion that one of the most valuable abilities a housekeeper may possess is the capacity to be entrusted with monitoring everything while simultaneously remaining silent. This is one of the most desirable combinations of skills. When there is an expectation of prudence, when confidence is sought, and when respect is granted, it is feasible to build a seal of mutual responsibility.

It should go without saying that the unwritten code of behavior is the one that is followed with the utmost importance in any household that was astute enough to have engaged a housekeeper through Irving Scott. In fact, it should go without saying that it is the code of behavior that is followed with the utmost importance.

A housekeeper should be able to protect trust and privacy while keeping a professional manner and attitude at all times. This is an extremely important characteristic to possess. At Irving Scott, we put a lot of thought into selecting and recommending housekeepers who have these characteristics, and we do it with great care.

Our clients are able to have complete faith in the housekeepers that we recommend to them as a result of the measures that we have taken to accomplish the aforementioned goal. Great housekeepers in our portfolio are defined by qualities such as their capacity to handle delicate details, their ability to complete requests with an attitude that is not ruffled, and their ability to maintain confidentiality without seeking attention.

These are just some of the qualities that set them apart. By following to the unwritten code of conduct that is prevalent in the households for which they are accountable, these housekeepers contribute to the creation of an environment that is one that is tranquil and trustworthy for the families for which they work.

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