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We pride ourselves on matching busy families with loving, experienced nanny and childcare professionals.


Few roles could be more important than competently guiding and nurturing children through their lives at all stages of development. To succeed in this vital role, we rely on our prior experience in their development and pairing esteemed families with the highest standard of childcare services professionals.

A nanny is most often a specialist working in the family’s home, responsible for all tasks related to care of the children who serve the family as a loving, nurturing, safe and trustworthy female companion to children. In modern households, this job description can vary to suit a variety of unique and sometimes untraditional family models.

Think about the many areas nannies and mannies can help out and identify those required:

  • Supervise the children’s activities.
  • Plan and prepare meals and bottles for the children.
  • Dress the children.
  • Place the children down for naps and bedtime.
  • Bathe the children.
  • Change diapers.
  • Potty train the children.
  • Perform housework related to child care, including washing the children’s clothes, cleaning up after meals, tidying play areas, and washing bottles.
  • Teach good social manners and etiquette.
  • Initiate and participate in play, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Plan and lead educational activities, including reading.
  • Discipline the children, when necessary.
  • Drive the children to and from activities.
  • Administer medicine to the children

How a Nanny or Manny can help

Your Nanny or Manny will be flexible and professional, offering all your help and giving your children a loving framework in which they feel they can thrive and who also provide a high-level attentiveness to their individual needs.

To ensure that your search for a prospective Nanny/ Manny is suitable to your family, we first gather details about your family and understand your domestic situation in order to curate a list from which you can select the best candidates who correspond to your unique criteria.

They are interviewed and background-checked prior to your meeting them and possess a variety of qualifications and educational backgrounds to suit your child’s or children’s future caregiving needs.

Perhaps one or both parents are traveling a lot more than usual these days, and the parent at home or single mother needs an extra set of hands to help with the kids.

This is where we feel a nanny/ manny can be an especially welcome addition to your household. The ideal nanny for your family could be a person who can initiate and activate games and sports, a happy, active, fun-loving sort of person, or could be someone to primarily help with homework and provide encouragement to a child who needs structure, a firm hand or perhaps emotional support.

Perhaps a person with knowledge of and ability to prepare healthy or just simply yummy meals is also required. If you have a swimming pool, for example, you might require the nanny to have the ability to swim.

Or you might choose or prefer to pay or require your nanny to have a B.A. in early childhood education or other specialized education. There is a perfect fit for each family and we aim to find him or her!

Things to consider in an ideal nanny/manny:

  • Fluent in English or another native language?
  • Able to drive and have own vehicle?
  • Legal Resident of the clients country?
  • Caregiver holds a current CPR, First Aid/AED Certificate?
  • Full-time live-in or part-time live-out basis?

Nanny & Manny For Hire

Irving Scott, a distinguished domestic staffing and nanny agency here, specialises in providing exemplary nanny services for discerning parents. Our bespoke approach ensures that we meticulously match families with accomplished live-in nannies, whether you require a temporary nanny or seek to establish a long-term nanny contract.

Our experts at Irving Scott offer invaluable childcare advice to assist parents in finding the perfect live-in nanny, drawing from our extensive pool of experienced nannies. Catering to a range of needs, our full-time nanny and part-time nanny options ensure that each family receives tailored support.

At Irving Scott, we pride ourselves on presenting only the most suitable candidates to our esteemed clientele. Unlike other agencies, our rigorous interview process is designed to scrutinise each prospective nanny's qualifications, experience, and compatibility with the family's specific requirements.

When hiring a nanny, we appreciate that parents often seek a candidate capable of sole charge, and our team ensures that each candidate is carefully evaluated in this regard. Moreover, we provide a comprehensive list of suggested interview questions to facilitate parents in making the most informed decision possible.

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Nannies are experienced childcare experts who offer continuous care for children, whereas babies offer occasional or short-term support to their families, friends and parents.

Male nannies are commonly referred to as 'Mannies.' These caregivers share similar responsibilities and duties with their female nanny counterparts in this male role model, offering childcare services tailored to the specific needs of the child. They may also live in and provide overnight care.

Yes, companies such as Nanny Tax can simplify matters by organising payroll and calculating employer's tax and National Insurance contributions.

Yes, we can provide you with a sample contract for your male or female nanny or you can use your own, we recommend using a solicitor or this. You are required to do so within two months of their employment. When you are looking for nannies for hire, Irving Scott take great care of the complete vetting process.

We always perform verbal reference checks and validate written references.

They will alert and contact you as soon as possible and we can attempt to find you suitable cover in the meantime.

A nanny doesn’t necessarily need formal qualifications, with so many years of learning on the job, however some common qualifications are as follows:

  • NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) in Childcare and Education or in Early Years Care and Education. Most sought after is the Level 3, which qualifies a candidate for unsupervised (sole) care, whilst candidates with a Level 2 are suitable for supervised positions (they may be working towards Level 3).

  • NVQ in Play Work. This qualification is to work with children aged 5 to 15 years old.

  • CACHE Certificate in Child Care and Education. This is for nursery/kindergarten or playgroup assistants and mothers’ help.

  • CACHE Diploma in Nursery Nursing (NNEB). For childminders, classroom assistants, nannies, nursery nurses, and playgroup supervisors.

  • CACHE Advanced Diploma in Child Care and Education. This qualification is for advanced practitioners, inspectors, managers, registration officers, and verifiers. It is a specialised award and should only be taken by candidates with a more general qualification such as the NNEB or the NVQ.

  • CACHE Specialist Teacher Assistant Award for classroom assistants.

Hiring a live-in nanny or part time nanny in the UK offers numerous advantages for families seeking the perfect nanny to complement their childcare needs. With the support of their employer and a dedicated and passionate nanny, parents benefit from an extra pair of hands, enabling them to better manage their work-life balance.

A live-in nanny provides immediate access to childcare, ensuring consistent high quality childcare so that your children receive personalised attention in the comfort of their own home. This arrangement allows parents to focus on their careers, knowing that their children are in the care of a responsible and nurturing professional.

The ability to rely on a nanny for occasional babysitting outside of their regular hours means it adds flexibility to parents' schedules. This is especially useful for parents who have professional commitments that may extend into the evening, or those who simply wish to enjoy a night out.

Another benefit of hiring a nanny is their ability to assist with light household duties, such as laundry and tidying up after the children. This helps to maintain a well-organised, safe and efficient home environment, alleviating some of the stress and workload for busy parents.

Certainly, Irving Scott is committed to helping you find the perfect nanny to suit your family's needs. Our nannies and mannies discover us via a variety of channels, including personal recommendations, interviews, client referrals, our extensive high-end network, our website, and networking events. Furthermore, word of mouth plays a crucial role in connecting us with exceptional male nanny candidates from across the UK.

We actively curate a shortlist of nannies for each family we collaborate with, continually updating our selection with new applications. This diligent process ensures that we provide you with a great choice of the most suitable candidates for your specific requirements.

In addition to our meticulous selection process, we conduct thorough background checks and reference verifications on all potential nannies and mannies. This allows us to guarantee that each candidate is not only qualified but also the perfect fit for the position, ensuring the safety, well-being, and happiness of your family.

The salary of a live-in nanny in the UK can vary considerably, depending on factors such as their gender, location, experience, qualifications and skills, and the specific requirements of the employing family. Generally, live-in nannies tend to earn less than their live-out counterparts, as their accommodation and, in some cases, meals are provided as part of their employment package. On average, a live-in nanny's salary in the UK can range from £350 to £650 per week, net of taxes.

On the other hand, temporary nannies are typically paid on an hourly or daily basis, and their rates can be higher than those of a permanent nanny due to the short-term nature of their employment. On average, a temporary nanny in the UK can cost an employer anywhere between £12 to £20 per hour. For a daily rate, the cost can range from £100 to £180 per day. It is worth mentioning that these figures can fluctuate depending on factors like experience and qualifications, working hours and responsibilities, emergency bookings during holidays, and nanny agency fees.

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