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Live-out Housekeeper

Live-out Housekeeper

A live-out housekeeper plays a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness and organisation of your home while providing essential support for your household. With their expertise in housekeeping duties, they ensure that your residence is tidy, well-maintained, and a comfortable place to live.

In our fast-paced world, finding the time to keep up with household chores can be challenging. That’s where the invaluable assistance of a live-out housekeeper comes in. They are dedicated professionals specialising in various housekeeping tasks, allowing you to focus on other essential aspects of your life.

A live-out housekeeper’s responsibilities encompass a wide range of duties. From general cleaning and dusting to vacuuming, mopping, and polishing, they ensure that every corner of your home is spotless. They also handle laundry, ironing, and maintaining the overall cleanliness of your household.

Some of the main skills a qualified live-out housekeeper should be proficient in:

How Live-out Housekeepers Can Transform Your Home

By hiring a live-out housekeeper, you can enjoy the benefits of having a well-maintained home without the need for a full-time live-in staff member. The flexibility of a live-out arrangement allows you to customise the services based on your specific needs. Whether you require daily, weekly, or bi-weekly visits, a live-out housekeeper can adapt to your schedule and provide the necessary support to keep your home pristine.

A live-out housekeeper brings professional expertise to ensure your home is clean, organised, and comfortable. They alleviate the burden of household chores, giving you more time to focus on your work, family, and personal pursuits.

How Irving Scott can help as a Live-Out Housekeeper Agency

At Irving Scott, we understand the importance of finding the right live-out housekeeper for your home. As a reputable housekeeping agency, we are committed to providing top-quality service to meet our client's unique needs and preferences.

Our extensive network of experienced housekeepers ensures we can find the perfect match for your household. We take the time to understand your requirements and tailor our search to find a live-out housekeeper with the necessary skills and qualifications to meet your expectations.

By working with Irving Scott, you can be confident that you are partnering with a trusted agency that values professionalism, reliability, and excellence. We strive to exceed your expectations by connecting you with highly skilled live-out housekeepers who are committed to maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of your home.

Irving Scott is here to assist you whether you need a live-out housekeeper regularly or for special occasions. We take pride in providing exceptional service and ensuring you receive the best care for your home.

Experience the convenience and peace of mind of having a dedicated live-out housekeeper from Irving Scott. Contact us today to find the perfect live-out housekeeper who will make a difference in your home.


Choosing to utilise the services of a professional and reputable household staffing agency like Irving Scott can bring a multitude of benefits. With our rigorous screening process, thorough reference checks, and extensive background checks, you can trust that only highly qualified and experienced candidates are presented to you for consideration. With years of experience in the industry, we offer expert guidance and support to clients and candidates throughout the search and hiring process.

Through Irving Scott, you can hire a wide variety of domestic staff to suit your specific needs. This includes skilled housekeepers, expert cleaners, wardrobe management experts, domestic couples, personal assistants, chauffeurs, nannies, and other household staff with specialist skills. Our agency offers a personalised service to match you with the right domestic staff to meet your unique household needs. Whether you require full-time or part-time staff, live-in or live-out staff, we can provide you with the perfect candidate to suit your requirements.

Yes, the housekeepers we recruit are typically highly experienced and qualified professionals with a strong track record of providing exceptional service to households. At Irving Scott, we have a rigorous screening process that thoroughly assesses a candidate's qualifications and experience. We also conduct detailed reference checks to verify a candidate's work history and reputation in the industry.

This is up to the individual household, but the majority do. Housekeepers often wear smart black and white attire.

A housekeeper is in charge of household affairs and has a set of responsibilities that include overseeing cleaning tasks, which are usually carried out by dedicated staff members. A cleaner, on the other hand, focuses solely on cleaning tasks within the household.

At our agency, we strive to provide our valued clients with prompt and efficient service in finding the perfect housekeeper for their needs. The timeline for finding a housekeeper in London can vary depending on the specific requirements of the job and location. While we work diligently to find the right candidate for you in the shortest possible time, certain requests (such as a live-in housekeeper or live-out housekeeper) and locations may require a more prolonged search.

Due to the triple knock-on effect of Brexit, Covid, and the conflict in Ukraine. Furthermore, global inflation rates are causing prices to rise, thus increasing salary expectations of domestic staff across the board.

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