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Live-out Nanny

Live-out Nanny

We take pride in matching families with dedicated, experienced live-out nannies for hire. Our live-out nannies, who live independently but work within your home, become a pivotal part of your family unit, offering professional, nurturing and consistent care for your children, and ensuring your daily routine runs seamlessly.


A live-out nanny's role goes beyond typical nanny duties and childcare responsibilities. They are seasoned professionals who spend their working hours entirely devoted to your children's care, growth, and well-being. A full time nanny that lives out is compassionate, reliable, and trustworthy, adept at adjusting to your family's unique needs and dynamics.

Live-out nannies are entrusted with a variety of responsibilities:

  • Children's Activities: By supervising activities, these professionals make sure that children in their care have fun, remain engaged, learn, develop and stay safe throughout.
  • Meal Preparation: A live-out nanny works diligently to plan and prepare delicious, well-balanced and enjoyable meals in the family home, making sure dietary requirements are met.
  • Childcare: Live-out nannies help younger children to dress and stay clean, taking responsibility for bathtime and changing nappies.
  • Routine Management: By following and maintaining routines for naptime and bedtime, children under their care are guaranteed to get sufficient rest.
  • Housework Related to Childcare: A full time nanny will carry out household tasks related to their role, making sure children's clothes are laundered, folded and put away. The additional services they provide serve as an extra pair of hands in the family home.
  • Etiquette Teaching: By teaching and reinforcing good social manners, a live-out nanny helps instil values and behaviours that encourage positive social interaction.
  • Playtime Initiatives: Having a full time nanny spend time with young children outdoors, keeping them physically active, is clearly highly beneficial. Indoor play is also important, entertaining and instructive.
  • Educational Activities: Through careful planning and observation, live-out nannies create bespoke educational activities that stimulate reading, communication and problem-solving.
  • Discipline: Nannies are skilled at managing discipline as necessary, implementing guidelines and methods that have been discussed with the parents.
  • Transport: Live-out nannies who travel from their own home have driving licenses, meaning they can help with family logistics.
  • Healthcare: Hiring a nanny through a professional nanny agency ensures your children are looked after by professionals who are qualified to administer them medication.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Live-out Nanny

Language: Does the nanny need to be fluent in second language?

Driving: Will you provide them with a vehicle?

Residency: Does the nanny have legal residency?

Certifications: Does the nanny hold a current CPR, First Aid/AED Certificate?

Education: Do they require higher education qualifications such as a B.A. in early childhood education?

Hiring a Live-Out Nanny with Irving Scott

At Irving Scott, we take pride in our meticulous approach to help families that are hiring a nanny. Our candidates integrate seamlessly into your family’s social schedule and dynamics. Our comprehensive vetting process ensures that each candidate we recommend is not only trustworthy and reliable but also tailored to meet your family’s unique needs.

When you choose to engage a live-out nanny through Irving Scott, you are opting for a service provided by a premier domestic staffing agency with a reputation for excellence. We understand that no two families are alike, which is why we offer live out options involving either a full time or a part time nanny – whatever option caters to your specific requirements at home.

Our selection process goes above and beyond, as we carefully vet each potential nanny’s qualifications, experience, and their compatibility with your family’s lifestyle and preferences.

We also acknowledge the significance of having a responsible live-out nanny, and we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that each candidate meets these high standards. To assist parents in making the most informed decision according to the age group of their children, we provide a comprehensive list of suggested interview questions that can help you gauge the perfect match for your family’s needs.

Hiring a live-out nanny with Irving Scott is a secure and straightforward process. Our dedicated team is by your side throughout, ready to address any concerns, answer your questions, and guide you toward selecting the best live-out nanny for hire.

At Irving Scott, we make the process of finding the right live-out nanny as smooth and stress-free as possible, ensuring your family’s needs are met with the utmost care, detail and precision.

live-out nanny


Yes, however companies such as Nanny Tax can simplify matters by organising payroll and calculating employer's tax and National Insurance contributions.

Yes. Irving Scott has templates you can use, however we recommend using a solicitor for this. You are required to offer a contract within a week to two months of their employment. When you are looking for nannies for hire in the UK, Irving Scott takes care of the complete vetting process.

We always perform verbal reference checks and validate written references.

If a nanny were to become unwell, they must inform you at the earliest possible moment. Irving Scott will endeavour to cover the sick leave with a suitable candidate.

A nanny doesn’t necessarily need formal qualifications, with many learning on the job, however some of the most common qualifications are as follows:

  • NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) in Childcare and Education or in Early Years Care and Education. Most sought after is the Level 3, which qualifies a candidate for unsupervised (sole) care, whilst candidates with a Level 2 are suitable for supervised positions (they may be working towards Level 3).

  • NVQ in Playwork. This qualification is to work with children aged 5 to 15 years old.

  • CACHE Certificate in Child Care and Education. This is for nursery/kindergarten or playgroup assistants.

  • CACHE Diploma in Nursery Nursing (NNEB). For childminders, classroom assistants, nannies, nursery nurses, and playgroup supervisors.

  • CACHE Advanced Diploma in Child Care and Education. This qualification is for advanced practitioners, inspectors, managers, registration officers, and verifiers. It is a specialised award and should only be taken by candidates with a more general qualification such as the NNEB or the NVQ.

  • CACHE Specialist Teacher Assistant Award for classroom assistants.

Hiring a live out nanny is an affordable option offering several advantages for families that have childcare needs. They become a crucial part of the family, helping everyone enjoy a good work-life balance.

They are responsible, caring and dedicated to your family.

They can be relied on for occasional babysitting outside of their job thus offering flexibility to parents' schedules. This is especially useful for the school age children, parents who have professional commitments that may extend into the evening, or those who simply wish to enjoy a night out.

Another benefit of these hires is the ability to assist with light household duties, such as laundry and tidying up after the children. This helps to maintain a well-organised and efficient home environment, alleviating some of the stress and workload for busy parents.

Yes, we can. Irving Scott is committed to helping you find the perfect nanny to suit your family's needs. Our nannies and mannies find us via a variety of channels, including personal recommendations, client referrals, our extensive high-end network, our website, and networking events. Furthermore, word of mouth plays a crucial role in connecting us with exceptional candidates from across the world and the UK.

We curate a shortlist of nannies for each family, in a tried-and-tested professional process that guarantees you are introduced to the most suitable candidates for your personal circumstances.

In addition to our careful method of selecting candidates, each potential employee is thoroughly background checked, with all references being verified.

The salary of a live-out nanny in the UK can vary considerably, depending on factors such as location, previous experience, qualifications, and the specific requirements of the employing family. Starting salaries are usually from 65,000 GBP upwards.

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