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A skilled cook can enhance your dining experience and bring culinary delight to your home. Whether hosting a special occasion or an event or simply seeking delicious meals prepared with expertise, a professional cook can create exquisite dishes tailored to your preferences and budget.


In today's fast-paced world, finding the time and expertise required to prepare delicious and nutritious meals can be a challenge. That's where a cook comes in. Being able to count on a culinary expert specialising in exceptional meals is gratifying. By using their knowledge of flavours, techniques, and fresh ingredients to craft delicious dishes they tantalise your taste buds and pamper your family.

A cook's responsibilities go beyond basic meal preparation and clean up. They deeply understand culinary principles, ensuring that the dishes they create are not only flavourful but also well-balanced and visually appealing. From planning menus and sourcing the freshest ingredients to cooking, plating, serving, and presenting meals, a professional cook brings a wealth of culinary expertise and experience to your kitchen.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Culinary creativity: A skilled cook can create diverse and innovative dishes, experimenting with flavours and presentations to deliver memorable culinary experiences.
  • Menu planning: They can design menus that cater to your preferences, taking into account dietary restrictions, cultural considerations, and seasonal ingredients.
  • Culinary techniques: A qualified cook is well-versed in various cooking methods, from sautéing and roasting to braising and baking, allowing them to prepare a wide range of dishes to perfection.
  • Ingredient selection: They have a discerning eye for selecting the highest quality ingredients, ensuring that every dish is made with the freshest produce, meats, and other ingredients.
  • Time management: A skilled cook excels at managing their time efficiently, coordinating the preparation of multiple dishes to ensure everything is served in a timely manner.
  • Attention to detail: A qualified cook pays meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every element of the dish is carefully considered.

How they will help

Having a professional cook cater for your home can transform your dining experience. They will work closely with you to understand your likes, dietary requirements, and any specific culinary desires you may have. With the use of their culinary expertise, they will create bespoke menus and personalised lunch and dinner menus that reflect your tastes and accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences.

A cook takes the stress out of meal planning and preparation, allowing you to enjoy restaurant-quality meals in your own home. Whether you seek a cook who will prepare daily meals, special occasion party catering, or weekly meal prepping, Irving Scott can provide a professional who will tailor their services to meet your needs.

By entrusting your culinary needs to a skilled cook, you and friends and loved ones can savour incredible meals without the trouble of grocery shopping, meal planning, and time-consuming preparation. You'll have more time to relax and focus on other priorities while still enjoying the pleasure of delicious and professionally prepared meals.

How Irving Scott can help you find a Cook

At Irving Scott, we understand the importance of finding the perfect cook to meet your culinary needs. As a leading agency specialising in domestic staffing, we have a network of highly skilled and experienced cooks who are passionate about creating exceptional meals.

Our recruitment process focuses on understanding your unique requirements and your specific personal preferences. We meticulously interview and assess our candidates to ensure they possess the necessary skills, experience, and professionalism to exceed your expectations.

We take pride in providing personalised service and ensuring that you are connected with the right chef or cook who not only meets your culinary expectations but also understands your requirements.

We are a household recruiting agency that specialises in private cooks

The demand for private cooks to live in bustling households has grown significantly. Many of these culinary professionals hold formal qualifications and are committed to ongoing professional development. A private cook typically has considerable expertise in diverse cuisines, including British, Mediterranean, French, Asian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, and fusion cuisine.

These culinary experts and talented cooks are often hired by companies to work ad hoc, serving various locations, such as corporate settings, parties or holiday destinations. Creativity is a key aspect of their role, as they are responsible for creating a bespoke menu of meals.

The best private cook services

Irving Scott boasts decades of expertise, offering customers a remarkably straightforward and user-friendly recruitment service for cooks that enables you to securely book services with just a single click. Every cook at Irving Scott has passed rigorous assessment procedures, ensuring they deliver meals of the utmost quality. Our entire team is fully insured and adheres to stringent hygiene and safety standards, providing employers and you with complete peace of mind.

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Employing an experienced domestic cook can significantly simplify your life and alleviate your workload. The numerous advantages of this decision render it a valuable investment. Opting to hire a cook enables you and guests to enjoy delicious and nutritious meals without the trouble of meal planning and grocery shopping, thereby saving you time and effort.

The cooks recommended by Irving Scott have a wide range of qualifications and experience in their professional field of expertise. Many of our candidates have received expert training from reputable culinary institutes or have acquired extensive experience working in high-end restaurants, hotels, or private households. They have a deep understanding of different cuisines, culinary techniques, and food safety practices.

Absolutely! We understand that every household has unique culinary preferences and special dietary requirements. During consultation, you can specify the details of your desired culinary expertise restaurant experience, such as a specific cuisine or dietary knowledge (e.g., vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.). We will do our best to match your requirements and present you with candidates with the desired culinary expertise or experience in handling specific dietary needs.

Yes, our cooks are skilled in planning and creating customised menus tailored to your preferences and dietary restrictions. They work closely with you to design menus that suit your taste, considering any allergies, dietary restrictions, or cultural requirements. Whether you seek an expert cook to work with you daily, occassionally or for a special event, we can find the right skilled professional for this role. Our cooks adapt their skills to assist clients with food shopping, weekly meal prepping, catering, gourmet menus and one-off events. Your specific culinary needs are their business.

Irving Scott can assist you in finding a cook for both part-time and full-time positions. Whether you need a cook for temporary, for occasional events or regular meal preparation, we have candidates available for all different types of scheduling arrangements. Let us know your desired working hours and schedule, and we will strive to find a top cook for hire who can meet your specific needs.

All candidates we put forward will be thoroughly vetted prior to placement. Additionally, we can do a DBS criminal background check for peace of mind.

Private Chef: A personal chef is a highly skilled culinary professional whom a top client, specific individual, business or family typically hires to provide personalised and exclusive culinary services. They often work in private residences and are responsible for designing customised menus, grocery shopping, meal planning, and delivering gourmet meals tailored to clients' preferences.

Private chefs often have extensive experience in fine dining establishments and offer clients their advanced culinary techniques, creativity, and deep understanding of various cuisines. They are talented chefs can cater to special dietary needs and create unique dining experiences.

Cook: A cook, on the other hand, is a culinary professional or person who specialises in preparing meals. They typically work in various settings, in businesses such as restaurants, hotels, or private households. Cooks focus on meal preparation and ensuring the food they serve is perfectly cooked.

They may follow established recipes, assist clients with menu planning questions, and handle other chefs' day-to-day cooking duties. Cooks are adept at culinary techniques, food safety practices, and the efficient preparation of meals. While they may provide exceptional food with a different level of customisation and personalisation than a private chef, they still possess culinary expertise and play an essential role in maintaining a well-fed household.

The cost of hiring a cook in the UK varies depending on factors such as their experience, location, and the type of meals required. Personal cooks may charge £20 to £50 per hour, while private cooks annual salaries can range from £20,000 to £50,000 or more. Cooks who work freelance will charge fees according to the event, and cooks from restaurants are paid salaries and prices that vary by the establishment. It's essential to negotiate terms and consider legal and tax regulations when hiring a cook regularly.

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