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Household Manager

By employing a highly experienced house manager you are guaranteed a smooth running home.


We prize House Managers who have extensive experience. The position of house manager requires reliability, skill and professionalism. Good manners and respectfulness are a given.

The House Manager oversees tradespeople and general estate management, running many areas within your household. They are flexible and highly skilled, adept at managing large properties and being in charge of a team of household staff members.

A house manager undertakes various roles and assumes many responsibilities. They are versatile professionals. They are successful at instructing teams that include chefs, drivers, and gardeners. They pay attention to detail, whether it be dry cleaning, event planning or construction projects within the home. A house manager is truly a family assistant with a role that encompasses property management, equipment procurement, and administrative support.

Additionally, house managers are the first to welcome and attend to guests, serving beverages, running errands, and greeting visitors.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Making sure meals & snacks are served for the whole family and staff – mainly lunch and dinner.
  • Coordinating with key family members and arranging for household staff to serve meals on appointment.
  • Arranging the grocery shopping as well as online orders from selected purveyors.
  • Keeping the pantry and larder stocked with food and pre-ordering when necessary.
  • Preparing weekly menus for the family, ensuring that they are healthy and balanced and in accordance with dietary requests and requirements.
  • Keeping the kitchen clean at all times, as well as all other personal spaces.
  • Catering for special events including children’s school packed lunches, dinner parties, picnics, or barbecues.

House or Estate Manager, or House & Estate Manager?

The terms ‘Estate Manager’ and ‘House Manager’ are commonly used interchangeably, but they are actually two different roles that have some (or many) important overlapping responsibilities and skills.

In order to retain the right person for the specific requirements of each job and ensure that your home and property run smoothly, it is helpful to understand the difference between these two roles. It might make sense to combine the roles or to hire two specific people for unique positions. The decision is yours.

Securing a proficient and reliable house manager is crucial for the well-being of your family. Entrusting Irving Scott Private Staffing with this recruitment task is the right move. Our agency has a proven track record of operating in countless households across the globe and effectively sourcing numerous accomplished candidates.

Household Manager Functions

While the duties of an Estate Manager and House Manager appear similar, House Managers are typically more ‘hands-on’ and perform service tasks themselves rather than delegating them to other members of staff. For a single family home or a smaller estate/residence, household management encompasses duties often assigned to an Estate Manager.

Household managers train, oversee, recruit, manage, and assist your domestic staff. They are friendly and always available, and yet respect privacy and confidentiality and can maintain a comfortable work ethic and high level of professionalism.

House managers oversee and coordinate a wide range of household activities and services. Their role covers inventory management systems, organising repair and maintenance schedules, planning events, and making travel arrangements. House managers also collaborate with external service providers and clients to ensure that all services are delivered as per contractual agreements.

Household Manager Key Duties

  • Handling financial elements such as budgets, payroll, and accounting.
  • Keeping an inventory, and managing household budgets.
  • Overseeing contractor services and vendors and supervising home renovations.
  • Assisting with home security precautions and fire prevention systems.
  • Planning travel preparation and assisting with packing.
  • Organising and planning events and parties.
  • Preparing table service and the serving of meals.
  • Cleaning and maintaining household furnishings to include upholstery, artwork, antiques, cut glass, silver, porcelain, etc.
  • Managing the household budget and liaising with the employer’s family office.
  • Hiring and directing other household staff.
  • Managing the household calendar.
  • Maintaining household security, such as fire and alarm systems.

Household Manager Qualifications

The qualifications required for this role in house management are similar to those for an Estate Manager. It is clear that both roles require a variety, scope, and range of skills. However, at Irving Scott we recognise that the best House Manager for you is someone you feel comfortable and confident with. Experience in restaurant or office management and/or formal schooling and specialised degrees are all considered.

Irving Scott, the Perfect Household Staff And House Manager Agency

A top-notch luxury housekeeping team revolves around the right house manager. That’s where nanny and house manager recruitment specialists Irving Scott step in to assist. Esteemed clients seeking a new house manager know who to turn to for the right candidate capable of managing household staff.

We have house manager candidates who work exclusively with us. Their skills and wealth of experience match our clients expectations. It is a win-win situation, with both client and candidate finding a perfect solution. Our long-standing reputation ensures you’ll receive an exceptionally professional, honest and effective household recruitment service.

At Irving Scott, we typically seek the following qualifications when interviewing Household Managers:

  • Experienced house managers with personnel management and social skills.
  • Stellar recommendations from previous employers.
  • Knowledge of household items and proper care procedures.
  • Leadership, negotiation, supervisory and problem solving skills.
  • Personal competencies and qualities to ensure satisfaction and success in the role.
  • Commitment to high standards of service.
  • Diplomacy and tact.
  • Enthusiasm and a sense of humour.

The Benefits of Hiring a House Manager through a Household Staffing Agency

House managers are beneficial to any renowned family. Using an established private agency like ours will allow your hiring process to find house managers to be smooth. We have experienced staff who can assist with your hiring process, providing you with a complete and efficient search. By entrusting us with the hiring process, you can hire the perfect house manager whose job it is to take care of day-to-day functions. Our professional agents will ensure your satisfaction.

Household Management: Hire a Private House Manager to Oversee Your Household

House managers are responsible for staff employed within a residence/ house. Their main responsibility is to ensure the efficient functioning of life within the household.

They may also be called upon to assist estate managers, chauffeurs, personal assistants, security personnel, chefs, and event coordinators. In rural communities, house managers may take on additional estate management tasks, such as assisting with shooting and firearm preparation, if required.


They oversee tradespeople and the ongoing running of the household. They should be experienced at working for large properties and high-profile families. Responsibilities can differ depending on the formality of the household.

They often hold the most senior staff position in the house, unless members of the family own multiple residences in which case the House Manager would report to the Estate Manager. The role of House Manager can often be combined with Butler duties, thus bringing silver service experience to their new employment.

Candidates who have extensive experience and longevity in their previous roles. The ability to manage and deal well with pressure, often juggling responsibility for multiple duties whilst remaining professional and personable at all times.

  • Management of the other staff within the household

  • Developing and updating the Household Manual

  • Liaising with the Chef about menus

  • Coordinating dinner parties and social events at the residence

  • Organising maintenance and household contractors

  • Keeping inventories and writing reports e.g, stock in the wine cellars

  • Flower arranging

  • Training other staff members

  • Booking appointments

  • Recruiting and interviewing staff

  • Being responsible for budgets

  • House sitting and pet care

  • Ad-hoc duties

Typically a 5 or 6-day working week, 8 am to 6 pm with some weekend work expected. Flexibility is key in this role whilst the family is in residence.

Starting salaries of around £60k per annum, rising to over £100k, depending on skills and experience.

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