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Family Office Staff

Family Office Staff will handle all administrative functions for their client, including, but not limited to, contracts, correspondence, supplier relations and property security matters.


Hiring a qualified administrator is essential for an efficient one or multifamily business office. For this reason, we engage Family Office Staff adept at financial duties as well as general property governance, and who are accustomed to dealing with high-profile and high-net-worth individuals.

Responsibilities for senior consultants and staff working in a family office range from project management skills, recruitment and administration to providing astute advice and research. As a result, such roles require utter discretion and courtesy while managing the private affairs and funds of the client.

We put forward and recruit only the highly skilled, most conscientious, reliable and organised candidates for these roles. Private office staff will maintain absolute discretion in the management of their clients’ private affairs.
Their credentials and pertinent certifications, degrees, licenses, personal and professional references are thoroughly vetted by a rigorous interview process.

What is a Family Office and what roles does its staff play?

A family office can be assembled for any combination of objectives, but in general, it’s an entity, sometimes organised as a company, that manages and oversees a wealthy family’s interests.

A Family Office encapsulates a realm of exclusive and tailored wealth management services designed to cater to and benefit from meeting the needs of affluent individuals, commonly referred to as High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs).

Distinguishing itself from conventional wealth management enterprises, a Family Office is a paradigm of comprehensive solutions, addressing the entirety of financial and investment management requisites.

They are commonly structured as private organisations and are commonplace with families whose net worth is substantial or who are comprised of ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

Most family offices are created for financial reasons and are focused on managing the family’s investment holdings, properties, and charitable foundations.

Accounting and tax services, legal affairs, charitable giving, and estate and succession planning are among the areas a family office staff will manage. Customary roles include:

  • In-house lawyer or General Counsel.
  • CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, and other Board of Directors roles.
  • Executive Assistants & Personal Assistants.
  • Tax Specialists.
  • Portfolio Managers and Wealth Planners.
  • Trust Officers.
  • Property Managers.

There are essential non-financial concerns to be tended to in multi-family offices as well. Hiring and overseeing household staff, administering payroll, handling administrative correspondence and communications, coordinating travel arrangements and providing concierge services are also part of the family office duties.

Some General Roles Family Office Staff Will Provide

  • Managing administration (invoices, bank statements, expenditure, accounting etc.).
  • Managing communications and correspondence (including issuing press releases, granting interviews, acting as a spokesperson for the family, etc…).
  • Managing business affairs, property portfolio, fortune and assets.
  • Acting as a liaison between suppliers, sub-contractors, and other contractual workers.
  • Versatile project management role.
  • Research and development for business enterprises and personal interests.
  • Managing, recruiting and overseeing household staff.
  • Planning and organising family and social events (birthdays, holidays, weddings, parties, charity balls, etc.).
  • Archiving of family documentation and essential records with utmost care.

Roles We Source Talent For family offices

A plethora of roles within the family office realm awaits, from the meticulous selection and training of key personnel to the graceful art of telephone and account management, ensuring top-tier flexibility.

Whether your objective is to hire and secure the benefits and efficiency of a proficient Personal Assistant, enlist the services of a lifestyle virtuoso, or discover the ideal candidate for your support, you are likely already aware of the exacting standards that define your professional trajectory.

Evaluating Prospective Family Office Candidates

In our quest for the perfect match, our senior recruiters will consult our established cadre of professionals and embark on an extensive exploration of our expansive network, leaving no stone unturned. After curating a safe list of suitable candidates, we extend an invitation for a personal interview.

Our initial step involves a comprehensive assessment of all potential top suitable candidates, wherein we meticulously validate their professional credentials.
Subsequently, following our in-depth interview process, our dedicated team invites candidates to our offices to engage in a thoughtful dialogue regarding their aspirations, values and motivations for the coveted role, whether in a family office or multi-family office.

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Family office jobs enable you to work with highly successful and high-net-worth individuals or families, often helping them handle contracts, correspondence, supplier relations, and property matters.

Typically, financial institutions possess the capacity to assist and orchestrate comprehensive financial planning seamlessly. In contrast, family offices elevate the realm of client service by seamlessly weaving together a tapestry of offerings that encompass wealth management, financial stewardship, lifestyle management, and lifestyle enhancement, all meticulously interwoven into their strategic approach.

An Executive Director: The guiding hand behind a portfolio of assets, steering them toward success. A Manager: The discerning mind entrusted with the art of investment decision-making. A Finance Director: The maestro of financial orchestration. A Director for Operations: The conductor of seamless daily operations.

Family offices, led by visionary Heads, CEOs, and CIOs, are fortified by Legal Officers and Attorneys General. Together, they navigate private and business law, wealth planning, and investment strategy. Traders, financial advisors, and investment experts drive financial success in multi-family offices. Founders, Directors, and top officers provide direction, while Managing Directors and General Counsels ensure stability. Private and corporate lawyers, wealth planners, and property specialists bolster prosperity.

The #1 recruitment agency, Irving Scott, has several years of experience sourcing highly experienced family office staff for the most discreet and private clients, as well as understanding the importance of trustworthy external staff that feels internal to all our candidates and clients.

Our family office recruitment consultants, with extensive expertise, are dedicated to handling your brief with the utmost care, attention to detail, and discretion. We fully grasp the profoundly personal nature of the process involved in finding a new team member. Therefore, our primary focus is on identifying qualified, competent, and extraordinary professionals possessing the necessary skills.

Numerous discerning employers seek our specialized assistance in sourcing a recruiter for their esteemed family enterprises or family offices. Allow us to orchestrate the discovery of and hire the ideal Estate Directors and Family Office personnel with personalised service tailored precisely to your needs. For comprehensive insights into our meticulous approach, we invite you to contact us for details about our process.

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