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Wardrobe Managers

Discover exceptional wardrobe managers, tailored to your lifestyle.


In today's fast-paced and fashion-conscious world, managing a wardrobe effectively is essential for maintaining a polished, comfortable and organised appearance. A good professional wardrobe designer or wardrobe manager can help you sort through the clutter, maintain your clothing collection, and ensure you are always dressed impeccably.

We specialise in connecting you with top-notch wardrobe managers who have worked diligently to gain the experience, expertise, passion and knowledge required to understand how to manage your wardrobe efficiently.

They specialise in maintaining clothes, organising garments, and curating clothing collections. No matter how detailed, small or chic the item of clothing is, utmost attention is guaranteed. Wardrobe managers step into your home to groom you; they catalogue your wardrobe, inspect used garments, offer style tips and advice for coordinating outfits on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. They also bring experience of selecting appropriate attire for special occasions and travel.

Some receive special training to handle the duties of clothing repairs, alterations, and proper storage, ensuring your garments and dresses remain in pristine condition. We can help you hire a wardrobe manager able to create and make new outfits to match your unique needs and preferences.

Key Skills of a Qualified Wardrobe Manager:

  • Expertise in fashion trends and styles, having participated in fashion shows as part of their career path toward the role of wardrobe manager.
  • Knowledge of fabric care and proper storage techniques - often combining previous experience as a lady's maid and changing focus towards this role that requires specific skills.
  • Skilled in organising and cataloguing closets.
  • Ability to coordinate outfits for various occasions.
  • Proficient in clothing repairs and alterations, having trained as a seamstress or worked in the changing room at a department store or clothes shop.

Wardrobe management housekeeping

In essence, wardrobe management and housekeeping refer to the practice of organising and maintaining clothing and accessories in an efficient and tidy manner. The task can be divided into stages:

  1. Decluttering: This should be done regularly, starting by identifying belts, bags, scarfs and clothes from previous seasons that are no longer needed or used. Slowly, week by week, decluttered outfits can be donated or sold. Pieces that are discarded due to size, condition, difficult colour coordination or lack of style can have a second life elsewhere.

  2. Organising: Clothing and accessories should be arranged in a way that makes it easy to find and access what is needed. Hangers, shelves, drawers, and storage containers can be used to hold items in place. Although more hands make light work, there is strong case for a professional expert to undertake the duty on your behalf.

  3. Seasonal Rotation: It goes without saying that seasonal rotation is not only a goal but is actually a method of working. Each month out-of-season clothing is stored, thus freeing up space and making it easier to access items appropriate for the current season.

  4. Clothing Care: Proper care of clothing is important, and information which lays out washing, ironing, and dry cleaning instructions must be heeded. This helps clothing last longer and stay in good condition.

  5. Inventory Management: The need to keep track of where items of clothing are located is essential. High net worth individuals own multiple properties and operate from various locations. When it comes to maintaining a versatile and functional collection of clothing, having access to a thorough and up-to-date inventory is key.

  6. Style Coordination: Looks can be created by coordinating different items. Having and maintaining your personal style is not simply about purchasing new clothing.

  7. Shoe and Accessory Organisation: Shoes and accessories should also be organised. Storage solutions like shoe racks, jewelry organizers, and storage boxes can be used to keep everything in order.

  8. Regular Maintenance: Wardrobe management and housekeeping should be a regular routine. Setting aside time to tidy up and reorganise the closet on a consistent basis is advisable.

Wardrobe managers help individuals save time, reduce anxiety and stress, making getting dressed easy and rewarding.

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It's the job of wardrobe professionals in this field to :

  • Come up with a process to arrange clothes, eliminating unused items.
  • Opt for a versatile capsule storage system for flexibility.
  • Strategically plan attire based on daily activities and weather conditions.
  • Incorporate mixing and matching of items to diversify looks.
  • Enhance outfits with the use of accessories.
  • Maintain an inventory to prevent acquiring duplicate items.
  • Implement regular decluttering practices to keep wardrobes tidy.
  • Store off-season articles to free up space.
  • Seek fashion inspiration from a variety of sources.
  • Invest in high-quality, multifunctional pieces.
  • Always prioritise comfort and confidence when selecting outfits.

Hire a Wardrobe Manager

Hiring a wardrobe manager adds to client status. It is clear that dressing well is an important aspect of lives and careers. When people are aiming to achieve status and express a unique and stylish appearance, the process of dressing is key. Accompanying the client on trips and packing and unpacking all wardrobe-related items, these members of staff provide guidance, enabling empowered fashion statements from confident principals.

To ensure a seamless and exceptional wardrobe, it is pivotal to connect clients with costume designers via a reputable agency such as Irving Scott.

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How We Can Help You Find the Perfect Wardrobe Manager

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional service to our discerning clientele. Our team of recruitment experts is dedicated to understanding your unique needs, desires and preferences, using this every piece of information to select the best candidates from our extensive database of skilled professionals.

Our rigorous screening and recruitment process ensures that we only connect you with highly qualified and experienced candidates. The appeal of an Irving Scott wardrobe manager to suit your lifestyle is clear.

Hire With Confidence

We understand that finding the right match is a highly personal decision. Our teams work to provide a tailored service, asking the right questions, and listening attentively to your needs to ensure that we find the ideal candidate for your unique requirements and responsibilities.

Safety and Security

Your safety and well-being are our top priorities. We thoroughly screen all of our candidates, and contact relevant authorities for background checks seeking always to ensure client safety and security.

Experience Unparalleled Excellence

With years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for excellence and unparalleled service. Our commitment to finding the perfect match for each client breaks the mould. We head the industry in possessing an extensive database of highly skilled professionals which is carefully guarded and curated.

Allow Irving Scott to remove elements of stress surrounding your attire by helping you find a professional who can create and maintain your unique appearance. Experience the difference our expertise and dedication can make in your life by searching for the ideal wardrobe manager.

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Questions? You’re covered.

Hiring a wardrobe manager in London can significantly improve your own life, wardrobe organisation and personal styling. A professional wardrobe manager helps declutter and maintain your collection, ensures proper care of garments, and provides personalised style advice. They can also assist with coordinating outfits for special events and daily wear, saving you time and effort while ensuring you always look your best.

A qualified wardrobe manager should have a strong background in retail and fashion, including knowledge of current trends, designs, styles, fabrics, and designers. They should also have experience in fabric care, proper packing and safekeeping techniques for any size of all types of garments, and repairs and alterations, thus offering the best possible service.

A wardrobe manager may have a degree or formal education in fashion, textiles, or a related field, as required. A team player, they will have gained practical experience in fitting, dressing and working with high-end collections and discerning clients.

The time it takes to find a good wardrobe manager depends on various factors, and things such as your location, specific job requirements and the availability of suitable candidates. By working with a reputable company, you will have access to a pool of pre-screened, experienced professionals. Generally, it is estimated it may take a few days to a few weeks to find the perfect wardrobe manager for hire in London and elsewhere.

A live-in wardrobe manager is ideal for clients with extensive collections or those who pack often for travel purposes, thus requiring frequent wardrobe assistance.

Live-out wardrobe managers work on a more flexible schedule, providing services on an as-needed basis, upon contact. The choice depends on such things as your personal preferences, requirements, and available living space.

  • Organising and decluttering your wardrobe.

  • Managing your collection and suggesting additions to optimise your wardrobe.

  • Coordinating outfits for special events or day-to-day wear.

  • Packing suitcases in an organised manner for long journeys or business trips

  • Ensuring your garments are properly cared for, repaired, and altered as needed.

  • Developing a wardrobe inventory system to track and manage your collection.

To find a reputable wardrobe manager via agencies like Irving Scott in the UK, you can begin by searching online, asking for recommendations from friends, or contacting fashion schools and professionals. Check their reviews and experience to ensure you are working with a trustworthy and skilled expert. As a leading household staffing agency we can help you find the perfect wardrobe stylists putting forward our best candidates for the position.

When working with a recruitment agency, you typically start by discussing your needs and preferences. They will then identify suitable wardrobe managers, conduct interviews, and present you with candidates of full potential. You can participate in the selection process and choose the candidate who best fits your requirements.

The cost to a client can vary depending on factors like the wardrobe manager's experience, the scope of their employment, and the location. Recruitment agencies in the UK may charge a fee for their services. It is essential to discuss fees and terms upfront with the agency that you join so as to ensure transparency. Salary expectations are discussed by the agency and agreed by the client.

The working arrangement with a responsible wardrobe manager can be flexible and tailored to your needs. It may range from occasional consultations to full-time assistance, depending on your lifestyle and requirements. Communication and expectations should be clear from the beginning.

Yes, many wardrobe managers have knowledge and extensive experience in sustainable fashion. They can support and guide those thinking of making eco-friendly clothing choices, extending the life of already purchased items, and even upcycling or donating to reduce waste. By consulting a professional, you are sure to find an eco-friendly system to fit.

Over time, having a wardrobe manager in the house can help you save money by making strategic purchases and extending the lifespan of your wardrobe. They can also enhance your style, save you time, and reduce daily stress by ensuring your clothing is always ready to wear.

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