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CV Writing Service

CV Writing Service

Let us help you revise, rewrite or create your CV.

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Irving Scott launches CV writing service for domestic staff roles.

When it comes to applying for a new role, first impressions count. And we don’t mean just in the interview, we mean right from the time the employer or principal receives your CV. It’s been estimated that hiring managers tend to look, on average, at CVs for 7 seconds. That’s right, just 7 seconds - of course this can vary, but with statistics like this floating around it’s crucial to make sure your CV is succinct, stands out and highlights all your relevant experience.

Why we are launching our CV writing service

With this in mind, we have decided to launch a professional CV writing service to help candidates be in the best possible position when it comes to applying for jobs.

With over ten years’ working in the domestic staffing recruitment industry we have a wealth of experience to draw upon and know exactly what skills and traits principals are looking for. Whether you’re applying to be a butler, nanny, housekeeper or chauffeur we know the experience that you should be highlighting so that you don’t sell yourself short.

We have seen all sorts of applications. From CVs that are too long or too short, to CVs that play down relevant experience and the most common, CVs that are dotted with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Armed with this knowledge we can take your CV and polish it up so that you always have an up to date CV ready to send to agencies and employers.

How we can help with your CV

From making small tweaks, through to writing your CV from scratch, we offer a comprehensive CV writing service to help your application shine.

Maybe you’re unsure what information to include and what to leave out; maybe English isn’t your first language and just need us to proofread it or perhaps you have never written a CV before and you just don’t know where to begin - whatever the reason we can help.

And as no one candidate is the same, we won’t just follow a set template, rather we start with an interview, to really get to know you and your experiences so we can tailor your CV to make the most of your strengths and appropriate experience and skills. Once we’ve gathered all the information, we’ll have your CV ready to go in just 48 hours so you can quickly apply for that job you’ve seen.

This service isn’t just for Irving Scott candidates either. If you’re working in the private sector and need some help with your CV then this service is for you.

Ready to make your CV stand out (for all the right reasons)? Get in contact by calling 020 8248 8502 or email us at