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Live-in Housekeeper

Live-in Housekeeper

Live-in housekeepers are the backbone of a smoothly run household, providing comprehensive, round-the-clock support and maintenance for your home. Their diverse and multifaceted duties ensure your residence functions efficiently at all times.


In our fast-paced world, demands on our time and energy are ever-increasing, leading to a seemingly endless list of household tasks. This is where the unsung heroes of modern-day homes step in – the live-in housekeepers.

Live-in housekeepers offer a unique set of services designed to maintain the smooth operation of your home. From managing grocery shopping, planning and preparing meals, organising wardrobes, handling laundry, and conducting a thorough cleaning, these professionals are equipped to handle your requirements swiftly and efficiently, leaving no detail or moment unattended.

The responsibilities of a live-in housekeeper often overlap with those of a personal assistant in many 21st-century homes, highlighting the diverse skill set and versatility required for this role. Live-in housekeepers bring many skills and talents to their assignments, making them invaluable additions to any household.

Beyond their routine duties, live-in housekeepers may also run errands, manage the rotation of perishable goods in the pantry and larder, and even provide occasional childcare. You may have a resident nanny, but there will be times when your live-in housekeeper will need to step in to cover unexpected gaps in service.

Consider the benefits of hiring a live-in housekeeper with additional skills such as advanced cooking or proficient driving. A live-in housekeeper who doubles as a personal chef or a driver could be the perfect solution for a busy family with a packed schedule.

Live-in housekeepers are more than just cleaners. They are the silent heroes who tirelessly work behind the scenes, taking care of all housekeeping duties, managing every detail in your home, and allowing you to focus on other essential aspects of your life.

They are experts in multitasking, ensuring that everything from laundry to grocery shopping is handled seamlessly and efficiently.

Some of the main skills a qualified live-in housekeeper should be proficient in:

How Live-In Housekeepers Can Transform Your Home

Striking a balance between daily life demands and managing household responsibilities can be daunting, especially when your schedule is packed with engagements. The expertise of a seasoned live-in housekeeper can significantly lighten this burden.

Every household is unique, and your live-in housekeeper should be capable of adapting to the specific conditions of your property, family, and domestic arrangements. Live-in housekeepers do more than just clean; they maintain homes and undertake many additional duties that fall under 'housekeeping'.

A live-in housekeeper offers the perfect blend of convenience and professionalism for those seeking a more permanent solution. These individuals provide a comprehensive range of services permanently, residing in your home to ensure that all responsibilities are attended to around the clock.

Live-In Housekeepers

Live-in housekeepers are an integral part of many modern households, offering a broad range of services that help to maintain a clean, organised, and efficient home. Their duties are multifaceted, providing your family with essential support and maintenance, thus enabling you to focus on other important aspects of your life.

In an increasingly demanding world of time and energy, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the unending list of household chores. This is where the unsung heroes of the modern household, the live-in housekeepers, step in. They deftly handle everything from grocery shopping and meal preparation to laundry and deep cleaning, accommodating your requests swiftly and effortlessly, ensuring every detail and moment is noticed.

The role of a live-in housekeeper often overlaps with that of a personal assistant in today's bustling households, and a successful live-in housekeeper brings a wealth of skills and talents to their assignment. They are responsible for running errands, grocery shopping, rotating perishable goods, and even occasionally providing childcare duties. In cases where there's a resident nanny, the live-in housekeeper can step in to cover any unexpected gaps in service.

Consider, for example, the added benefit of hiring a live-in housekeeper with advanced cooking skills or excellent driving skills. A housekeeper who can also serve as a personal chef could be the perfect solution for a busy working couple with children. Live-in housekeepers are not just cleaners; they are so much more. They tirelessly work behind the scenes, managing all housekeeping duties and every detail in your home, allowing you to focus on other significant parts of your life.

Live-in housekeepers are instrumental in balancing the demands of daily life and managing household responsibilities, particularly when your schedule is packed. They are equipped to respond to the unique conditions of your property, family, and domestic arrangements, going beyond just cleaning your house to maintaining it.

For those looking for a more permanent solution, a live-in housekeeper is the perfect balance of convenience and professionalism. They provide a full range of services permanently, living in your home to ensure all responsibilities are attended to around the clock. This is particularly beneficial for families with young children, as a live-in housekeeper can provide childcare services and manage household responsibilities.

For larger households, employing a domestic couple could be the ideal choice. This could include a highly skilled and experienced live-in housekeeper and a house manager to oversee the overall administration of the household. This comprehensive solution ensures the highest level of support and guarantees that all responsibilities are executed to the highest standard.

Whether you are looking for a permanent live-in housekeeper or a more flexible arrangement, finding a housekeeping agency that understands your unique needs and preferences is essential. Such an agency will be committed to finding the best possible match for you, taking great care in their in-depth interview process to identify the unique talents of their personnel. With the right agency, you can rest assured that you will receive the high-quality service you deserve.


Choosing to utilise the services of a professional and reputable household staffing agency like Irving Scott can bring a multitude of benefits. With our rigorous screening process, thorough reference checks, and extensive background checks, you can trust that only highly qualified and experienced candidates are presented to you for consideration. With years of experience in the industry, we offer expert guidance and support to clients and candidates throughout the search and hiring process.

Through Irving Scott, you can hire a wide variety of domestic staff to suit your specific needs. This includes skilled housekeepers, expert cleaners, wardrobe management experts, domestic couples, personal assistants, chauffeurs, nannies, and other household staff with specialist skills. Our agency offers a personalised service to match you with the right domestic staff to meet your unique household needs. Whether you require full-time or part-time staff, live-in or live-out staff, we can provide you with the perfect candidate to suit your requirements.

Yes, the housekeepers we recruit are typically highly experienced and qualified professionals with a strong track record of providing exceptional service to households. At Irving Scott, we have a rigorous screening process that thoroughly assesses a candidate's qualifications and experience. We also conduct detailed reference checks to verify a candidate's work history and reputation in the industry.

This is up to the individual household, but the majority do. Housekeepers often wear smart black and white attire.

A housekeeper is in charge of household affairs and has a set of responsibilities that include overseeing cleaning tasks, which are usually carried out by dedicated staff members. A cleaner, on the other hand, focuses solely on cleaning tasks within the household.

At our agency, we strive to provide our valued clients with prompt and efficient service in finding the perfect housekeeper for their needs. The timeline for finding a housekeeper in London can vary depending on the specific requirements of the job and location. While we work diligently to find the right candidate for you in the shortest possible time, certain requests (such as a live-in housekeeper or live-out housekeeper) and locations may require a more prolonged search.

Due to the triple knock-on effect of Brexit, Covid, and the conflict in Ukraine. Furthermore, global inflation rates are causing prices to rise, thus increasing salary expectations of domestic staff across the board.

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