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Find Staff in Dubai

Find Staff in Dubai

Find Your Ideal Domestic Staff in Dubai

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Our exceptional vetting service, staff, and clientele set us apart from other agencies.

At Irving Scott, we passionately believe that the secret to harmonious household functioning is the perfect compatibility between clients and household staff. This isn't a belief we take lightly, but one we strive to actualise through our meticulous and personalised approach, designed to fit each individual household. We've fine-tuned our process to ensure we find household staff who are competent and perfectly suited to your home's dynamics. This involves an exhaustive process of assessing references, conducting in-depth interviews, and evaluating candidates' skills and experience to match you with the ideal staff for your household. We take great pride in the professionals we place within your household. Our selection process ensures that these individuals are at the pinnacle of their respective fields and possess the character and temperament that align with your family's values and lifestyle. The synergy between your household and our domestic professionals facilitates a lasting and positive relationship, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation. Our unwavering commitment lies in pairing households with individuals who demonstrate adaptability and a strong work ethic and exhibit a genuine passion for their roles. These qualities are essential for seamlessly integrating new staff into their respective households. Our extensive portfolio caters to a wide range of preferences. Whether you require junior or senior staff, prefer live-in or live-out arrangements, or have various other staffing combinations in mind, we are well-equipped to accommodate your requests. Irving Scott understands that each household is unique, which informs every staffing decision we make. With our expertise in finding and placing staff, we aim to help your home achieve unparalleled success and harmony. Our exceptional staffing service extends globally, and we take special pride in serving the vibrant city of Dubai, connecting families with top-tier domestic professionals to meet their specific needs. In Dubai's dynamic and fast-paced lifestyle, we understand the importance of having reliable and competent household staff. We stand ready to find household staff in Dubai who can meet and exceed your expectations. With Irving Scott, you can rest assured that your household will be in capable hands, allowing you more time to enjoy the city's grandeur. With our expertly matched staff, we aim to create a house environment as splendid as the city. Whether it's a live-in nanny, a skilled chef, or a diligent housekeeper, we are dedicated to making your Dubai household a sanctuary of comfort and efficiency.

Find my ideal staff

    This entirely depends on how many hours per week the candidate will be working for you. We are happy to discuss domestic staff employment rules with you, or please consult your tax advisor.

    We would highly recommend that you implement staff insurance for your chosen household staff candidate. Whilst it rarely needs to be claimed upon, it is a responsible approach that affords great peace of mind.

    As a household staff agency in London, we understand that hiring domestic staff is about discovering the best match for you.