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The perfect cornerstone of the perfect domestic household.


Our team of butlers at Irving Scott are fully qualified, extensively trained, experienced, and thoroughly vetted, as butler; they also have a keen ability to anticipate your needs and assist you at all times. Each candidate is selected for their impeccable knowledge of social etiquette and ability to blend into the household environment seamlessly.

We take great pride in sourcing and providing butlers who are highly recommended and have years of experience catering to families and individuals of high-profile nature. They have walked the halls of grand estates, served at formal dinners, and ensured that every event is a picture of perfection.

Some of the main skills a qualified butler should be proficient in:

  • Silver Service
  • Security Service
  • Table Management
  • Arrange Airport Transfers
  • Front of House
  • Concierge Skills
  • Staff Management
  • Etiquette and Protocol

How they will help

In addition to these core skills, many of our butlers have additional abilities and specialities. Some know current events and international affairs and can converse in two or more languages. Others are experienced in packing, unpacking, and wardrobe management.

They deeply understand fabrics and fashion and know how to care for textiles, carpets, and other household furnishings such as antiques. Many are also available for occasional travel with clients and their extended families, ensuring continuity of service wherever you may be.

These dedicated professionals are more than just servants; they play an essential role in simplifying and enhancing modern living.

At Irving Scott, we understand that every household is unique, so a butler's role can vary from home to home. This is why our butlers are trained in various areas, including meals and table service, household cleaning, estate management, concierge services and hotel management, luxury lifestyle consulting and personal stylist training.

They are not just employees – they are career professionals, many of whom maintain membership in prestigious organisations such as the International Guild of Professional Butlers. Some staff are graduates of renowned ‘butling’ from European house management schools.

We have also broken traditional stereotypes and are proud to have placed several female butlers successfully over the past few years. Each member of staff, regardless of gender, working on estates and hotels in our portfolio has received training in etiquette, protocol, concierge skills, silver service and staff management.

Furthermore, most of them speak several languages and are knowledgeable about current affairs.

Regarding employment rights, we ensure that our butlers are well-cared for. They typically do not work regular hours, and sometimes principals reward them for this flexibility by improving their annual leave. 

By law, in the UK, the minimum amount of holiday time that full-time employees are entitled to is 28 paid days a year, including Bank Holidays.

Each butler’s appearance is a reflection of the household they serve. Therefore, in our experience, most households will expect the butler to wear a suit. To this end, an allowance is typically agreed upon for this purpose.

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Experience Unmatched Opulence with Our Private Butler Service

At Irving Scott, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We strive to provide the best possible match for your household, ensuring a seamless fit into your daily life.

Trust, discretion, and professionalism are at the heart of what we do, and we are ready to help you find the perfect professional for your needs.

They are more than just employees – they are the keepers of private check in your home, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently and providing an unmatched level of service that goes above and beyond the call of duty expectations.

Whether it’s managing your household staff, overseeing an event, or simply ensuring that your day-to-day life is as seamless and stress-free as possible, our butlers are there to support you every step.

In running a service-oriented business where service is a crucial cost differentiator, incorporating butler services is a logical choice. IrvingScott maintains a close partnership with seasoned and experienced butler service trainers across the nation.

Worldwide, we offer butler training, accommodation and the hotel butler training we deliver adheres to the highest standards.

Irving Scott boasts and chefs have an extensive array of butler positions, both in private residences and corporate hotels worldwide.

Our dedicated team exclusively represents professional butlers and ensures that candidates perfectly align with your site and stipulated requirements.

Hire a Butler with Perfect Household Staff

When assessing the possibility of hiring a butler, it’s imperative to reach out to butlers and apprise them of their specific requirements. Initially, the butler must take into account the daily activities essential for their fulfillment.

The world of the butler is a world of service, elegance, and discretion. It is a world that Irving Scott understands intimately and have established and recognized Butler agencies that have set impeccable standards with more than 10 years of professional butler service.

Our butlers provide exceptional quality service.. And it is a world we invite you to experience with us.

It’s more than just a domestic help. They are your personal assistant, your confidant, and the ultimate symbol of luxury, service, and convenience. Their discreet presence elevates your lifestyle, giving you the peace of mind to focus your attention on what truly matters.

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Questions and Answers:

The butler, elucidated by the esteemed chief butler service head and manager of Irving Scott, assumes the role of a maestro who harmoniously arrangements and orchestrates a symphony of services 

Within the hallowed walls and doors of the hotel, suite or residence, all finely tuned and tailored to cater to the various requests and bespoke service requests and preferences of its discerning guests.

In this virtuoso performance, the experienced master butler seamlessly juggles a myriad of responsibilities, donning the hats of serving guests staying well as a chef de cuisine, kitchen artisan, housekeeper, concierge, mixologist, and sommelier with exquisite finesse and refinement.

Typically, chefs and butlers are entrusted with the oversight task of all unforeseen needs within a household, whereas a housekeeper and managers oversee the more anticipated requirements of entire house, such as room maintenance like the beds and cleaning the room.

Their duties encompass settling household and business expenses, meticulously doing laundry, curating the kitchen and pantry inventory, serving meals, scheduling medical appointments and transportation, and lending a hand involved in orchestrating aspects of the family's social and business affairs within the residence.

Not at all! We have placed several female butlers successfully over the past few years.

Every qualified butler that we have on our portfolio has received a variety level of training in etiquette, restaurant protocol, security, and service, concierge service, personal attributes, style skills, wine and silver service and kitchen staff and management. Furthermore, most of them speak several languages and are knowledgeable about current affairs.

Butlers do not need to work regular hours and sometimes principals need to reward staff under them for this same high level of care and flexibility by improving their annual leave. By law, in the UK the minimum amount of holiday time that full-time employees are entitled to is  28 paid days a year including Bank Holidays.

This depends upon the household staff, the housekeeper or butler, in our experience the majority of households will expect the butler to wear a tailored suit on special occasions and that an only food, drink and clothing supply allowance is agreed upon for that purpose.

Yes, the evolution of butlers during their peak era has been remarkable since the time of household and hotel butlers. Traditional butlers remain an integral and important part of many households, as they continue to be the preferred employer and service of choice for those interested in fulfilling their time-honoured duties and responsibilities to clients.

At Irving Scott, we proudly provide the finest butlers in the UK and worldwide.

Our experienced recruitment team have an eye for talent. Employees recognize the benefits of working with this process and sign up with clients of our agency because they know that their job skills will be matched with households that require them.

First things first, let's get to know your unique work needs! Share the most important and exciting details about your dream job with us. Craft a compelling question, and we'll sweeten the deal with access to expertise to create an enticing compensation package offer. Plus, rest assured, we'll run the offer through a thorough background check for your peace of mind.

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