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The unwritten code of conduct which all housekeepers follow

Surprising as it may seem, it is a well-known fact in our sector that whereas middle class families tidy up before their cleaner arrives, our principles are more likely to leave everything where it is for their trusty staff to dispose of. Whereas it may shock an innocent bystander to discover that the owner of a stately home is prone to leave personal waste among items to be dealt with diligently by the housekeeper and team, Irving Scott counts upon this level of discretion and understanding in all of the candidates on our books.

The unwritten code of conduct which all housekeepers follow includes ethical considerations such as maintaining privacy at all times and behavioural considerations such as maintaining a positive attitude in every circumstance. A sanguine housekeeper will not become over-familiar and will always be responsible for his or her actions. Dedication is shown to the role and family. Irving Scott’s candidates for housekeeping positions are consistent, coherent and creative.

Trust is bestowed upon a housekeeper from day one. Thus it is our role as recruiters to assess a candidate upon their level of discretion. Although we may ask a candidate how many Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) they have signed throughout their career, we will never ask the nature of the secrets that were contained in those documents. At Irving Scott the confidence we have in our listed housekeepers is conveyed to those select clients seeking new domestic personnel for their households.

Our fantastic success rate in placing housekeepers is due to our innate ability to discern who knows how to deal with surprisingly intimate details of the family they serve, without requesting specifics concerning how they gained this experience. We know that mutual respect is paramount. It is clear when housekeepers discuss their skills that they have both extended and received respect from previous employers.

Many of our housekeepers have an unfussed can-do manner which is apparent under even the keenest of scrutiny. What immediately captures our attention as recruiters is their ability to fulfil expectations. When a good housekeeper agrees to a plan of action, it can be considered done. If an unexpected complication arises, a solution is always found without praise being sought for such extraordinary service. Although a housekeeper is incredibly proud of the work carried out, attention-seeking for such high standards of assistance is simply not part of their genetic make-up.

Finally, as suggested at the beginning of this entry, few talents are more valuable in a housekeeper than the ability to be trusted to see all and say nothing. When you expect discretion, request trust and provide respect, a seal of mutual responsibility is formed. It goes without saying that the unwritten code of conduct reigns in every household astute enough to have recruited a housekeeper through Irving Scott.