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Family Office Staff

Family Office Staff will handle all administrative functions for their client, including, but not limited to, contracts, correspondence, supplier relations and property matters.


For this reason, we engage Family Office Staff adept at financial duties as well as general property governance, and who are accustomed to dealing with high profile and high-net-worth individuals.

Responsibilities for staff working in a family office range from project management, recruitment and administration to providing astute advice and research. As a result, such roles require utter discretion and courtesy while managing the private affairs and funds of the client.

We put forward only the most conscientious and organised candidates for these roles. Private office staff will maintain absolute discretion in the management of their clients’ private affairs. Their credentials and pertinent certifications, degrees, licenses, personal and professional references are thoroughly vetted by a rigorous interview process.

What is a Family Office and what roles does its staff play?

A family office can be assembled for any combination of objectives, but in general, it’s an entity, sometimes organized as a company, that manages and oversees a wealthy family’s interests. They are commonly structured as private organisations and are commonplace with families whose net worth is substantial, or who are comprised of ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

Most family offices are created for financial reasons and are focused on managing the family’s investment holdings, properties, and charitable foundations. Accounting and tax services, legal affairs, charitable giving, and estate and succession planning are among the areas a family office staff will manage. Customary roles include:

There are non-financial concerns to be tended to as well. Hiring and overseeing household staff, administering payroll, handling administrative correspondence and communications, and coordinating travel arrangements and providing concierge services are also part of the family office duties.

Some General Roles Family Office Staff Will Provide

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Family office jobs enable you to work with highly successful and high-net-worth individuals or families, often helping them handle contracts, correspondence, supplier relations, and property matters.

Irving Scott has a number of years of experience in sourcing family office staff for the most discreet and private clients, as well as understanding the importance of trustworthy external staff that feels internal to our clients.

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