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Elite Domestic Staff

Having elite domestic staff is something all our clients desire. Having responsible, discrete, flexible and professional personnel is something all our clients want. Having a household that runs smoothly is something all our clients need. Here at Irving Scott we have these needs, wants and desires covered. 

When a client comes to us with a position that needs filling immediately, we pull out all the stops to cover that role as quickly and competently as possible. Finding candidates for unexpected vacancies that arise such as a nanny / manny or urgent placements of cooks / chefs is something we pride ourselves on. However we are also very adept at discerning when a position should be created in a household and when certain skills are desired. We provide timely advice when we know, for example, that we have on our books a domestic couple that combines skills such as butler, household manager, wardrobe manager and lady’s maid which would be a perfect match for a client’s luxury apartment in London.

Recruiting domestic couples for placements in London is just one our many proficiencies. We have been known to find a housekeeper-cook that is also a laundress for a country home as well as place a similar candidate in a live-out position in Knightsbridge. Listening to the requirements of our clients  – their needs – and applying our lateral thinking, we have tailor-made job descriptions to match what they want with the candidate they desire. 

If a client is unsure about what position to advertise, our manager Paloma Irving takes time to discuss the benefits of each role that includes skills that the client wants covering. For example, should a client seek a professional driver or a butler with driving skills? Is the client looking for a nanny or a tutor for their school-age children? Does the client want a domestic maid or a wardrobe manager with cleaning skills? Taking time to discern the needs, wants and desires of our clients is the linchpin of our success. 

Our clients report their delight at us finding candidates with a unique extra skill that goes beyond the limits of the necessary for the role they were engaged to perform and which leads to them providing those unspoken creature comforts that everyone desires. For some clients the perfect household staff are those candidates that excel in multi-tasking; for other clients their perfect domestic team includes a wardrobe manager, a laundress and a seamstress. By combining our knowledge of the skills our candidates possess with the wishes of our clients, Irving Scott has created a cutting-edge technique that means every individual has the chance to meet their full potential. Happy candidates mean happy households mean happy clients!