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    Enhance Your Quality of Life. Bring a Laundress Into the Fold!


    Well-tended and cared for clothes and linens and the sense of cleanliness that accompanies them is a requisite for a sense of calm and order in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Include a Laundress to tick the boxes on your laundry list of items that need regular care and maintenance.

    In the “private service” of a large estate or household, a laundress cares for and maintains all the household linens and personal clothing of the Principal(s) and the family. A Laundress is an expert by years of their experience who can identify fabrics and their specific care in washing, pressing, stain removal and general wardrobe maintenance. Their broad knowledge of traditional fine fabrics has been updated along with technological advances: newer, luxurious synthetics and modern digital washers, dryers and irons require advanced expertise in their use and care. Adding a qualified laundress is a smart move and will prove to be indispensable, especially in a family with children and pets, as well as live-in staff.

    Laundress’s Traditional Duties

    How can a Laundress help?

    In addition to laundering clothes and linens and organizing pick-ups and drop-offs to the dry cleaners, some laundresses are skilled as tailors and seamstresses and are able to repair, alter and provide fittings for clients. Reorganizing closets, decreasing their accompanying clutter and disarray is another vital role that a laundress can play in restoring harmony to your domestic life.

    Laundering has even become an unexpected pet interest of the youthful, newly affluent millennial and hipster demographic. Living in the world’s best-dressed cities gives the world of fabric, garment, and home care a surprising new ‘cool factor’ to the laundress, serving to reinvigorate a formerly traditional, ‘old-school’ staff position.

    Laundress’s Extended Range of Capabilities


    Normally a role that is found in more formal households, the ideal laundress would have several years of experience looking after clothing and linens. Haute couture can be extremely delicate and valuable so an eye for detail is essential.