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    At the helm of your household’s management is your Houseman, who can navigate the needs of your household and estate with an efficient, skilled touch and superior abilities in maintenance and repairs.


    With an intuitive understanding of what makes your household unique and the essential elements required to maintain its high standards, your Housemen is a wise and attentive staff members.

    At Irving Scott we seek and retain exceptional individuals who are highly trained and adept at managing large, high-profile households. By assisting with all housekeeping duties, maintenance (both interior and exterior), and dealings with all other amenities (swimming pools, tennis courts, saunas), a qualified Houseman will ensure that every facet of your domestic life runs to the highest standard.

    A Housemen is generally employed for the cleaning, maintenance, and other general work inside and outside of the home. Essential functions of the job include:

    Ideal Qualities


    A houseman is a male housekeeper. Often sought after for cultural reasons or for more physically demanding roles.

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