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Private Household Recruitment

Browse through our website and you will see that Irving Scott is a top provider of private household recruitment solutions to clients across the globe. Our success in this field comes from tireless attention to detail. Candidates and clients alike praise our modus operandi, consistently pleased with the results we provide. We build close relationships and care about our clients and our candidates.

Our recruitment rules

These are the main points we follow to ensure the best fit in terms of CV and personality.

  1. We establish the needs, wants and desires of both candidate and client
  2. We engage with candidates and clients
  3. We identify the skills and exacting requirements of the vacant role
  4. We ensure anonymity and GDPR protection
  5. We check references and maintain updated profiles of all candidates
  6. We make it our policy never to waste anybody’s time: our job descriptions are precise and the salaries we offer vary strictly upon experience.

Our recruitment formula

Private household recruitment involves a blend of emotional intelligence, skills assessment, referrals and references. We take pride in our success formula that affords us a selection of the best professionals in household and domestic service. We know that each phase of our recruitment process plays a significant part in the selection of candidates who will become successful, competent and productive employees. For example, we know that suitability and eligibility are factors to be taken into consideration at different stages of the process.

Our recruitment aims

The objective of a professional private household recruitment agency like ours is to provide the most suitable candidate for each vacancy our clients entrust us to fill. Our experience in the field of household recruitment makes us the natural choice for clients seeking to introduce a new member of the team to their household. We aim to recruit only the highest calibre professionals for our clients. We consider it our responsibility to place the right candidate in the right position.

Our recruitment promises

Irving Scott promises to provide comprehensive, bespoke and specialist services to cover all private household employment needs.

Furthermore Irving Scott promises to deliver results in a timely fashion, always aware that our clients appreciate our efficiency as much as they do our personal service.

Finally, Irving Scott promises to uphold an open, honest working relationship with clients and candidates, thus ensuring that the recruitment process is both enjoyable and successful.