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Domestic Staff Agency


Always reliable and highly flexible, your Chauffeur will comfortably navigate you and your family’s busy schedule to ensure you never miss a minute of your daily routine.


Able to carry out delivery demands, as well as regular driving such as school drop-offs, they prize safety and comfort alongside security and prestige.

Taking you to your every appointment in ultimate comfort and style is the paramount concern of our first-class chauffeurs. Their timekeeping, route knowledge and professionalism is guaranteed, ensuring you a safe and elegant ride so you arrive to your destination on time and in style.

Licensed and Certified

We conduct thorough and rigorous background checks and obtain security clearances on all of our chauffeurs. Not only are chauffeurs legally required to obtain and maintain an active chauffeur’s license, additional certifications such as defensive driving courses (see Security Driver description), and bad weather driving training may be required.

The primary duty of a personal chauffeur is to transport the employer and passengers to and from destinations in a comfortable, safe, timely and efficient manner and in some cases may also conduct sight-seeing trips around cities for their clients. Drivers may operate private cars, limousines and may need to have experience driving high performance automobiles. They are proficient in consulting maps or navigation devices for locating optimal routes and monitoring online traffic and weather conditions and other roadway concerns in order to advise passengers of alternate routes. They will also have an up-to-date knowledge of hotels, restaurants, airports, and other local attractions. In addition, a client may ask a driver to make reservations, book flights or obtain tickets to events and performances. Our services offer predominantly Chauffeur hire London based, so their knowledge of the city is often extensive.

Vehicle Maintenance

Whether you prefer to provide your own vehicle or one provided by the chauffeur, the vehicle will be spotless in appearance and ready to drive without issue at all times. Your driver will keep the vehicle clean and ensure that it is mechanically sound and in top working order and is also responsible for checking engine fluids, maintaining the appropriate tire pressures. When mechanical work, scheduled maintenance, professional washing and detail work is needed, chauffeurs make service appointments for scheduled maintenance and will arrange for a suitable rental vehicle if needed.

Personal and Professional Presentation

Chauffeurs are courteous at all times and are attired in the proper dress code or uniform as requested by the client. Our drivers are immaculately presented and practice a calm manner and attitude under all types of driving conditions. They will happily engage or join in conversations of employers or passengers when appropriate and/or requested; staying focused on driving is of course the primary concern.

Expense Reporting

The chauffeur may be required to retain and submit all receipts to the client for payment. Chauffeurs may also be responsible for keeping written travel logs containing mileage, locations, travel time, work hours, vehicle service entries and receipts.


Generally, a chauffeur will work 40/50 hours a week over a 5 or 6-day week.

What are the main benefits of hiring a private driver/chauffeur?

  • Less reliance on unreliable Ubers & Taxis, if the principal travels often it can actually end up costing less
  • The principal is free to work whilst being driven
  • Chauffeurs have an encyclopaedic knowledge of routes and destinations
  • The principal does not waste time trying to find a parking space; they are dropped off and picked up at the door of the destination

This is up to the family, but it can be an attractive benefit for potential applicants. If the hours are late then it can make it easier for the driver to get back home after a late shift, however, if it is a luxury vehicle they would be required to have adequate, secure parking facilities.

A minimum of £45k, upwards for a live-out chauffeur. If the principal requires specialist skills, such as defensive driving or an SIA license, the chauffeur’s salary could be £60k per annum.

Typical driving chores carried out by Chauffeurs include:

  • Out of hours driving 
  • Precise city driving to transport the principal to important appointments
  • School runs (although sometimes families hire nannies with a driving licence so as to share this task)
  • Airport drop-off and pick up