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Recruiting nannies for twins

With bets on Meghan Markle having twins suspended by agencies due to an abnormal number of wagers on this possibility, thoughts of royal twins are in the air. Questions about when the last time there were twins in the Royal Family are being discussed on social media; examples of modern-day high-profile twin babies are being sought. As an interesting aside, experienced parents of twins themselves, George and Amal Clooney, have been appointed godparents to the forthcoming Windsors.

Meanwhile, here at Irving Scott, our focus remains on finding the right nanny for each family on our books, including those parents of twins. Recruiting nannies for twins is a mission we thoroughly enjoy. As our services are always bespoke – it goes without saying that we can provide the perfect childcare team for a multiple birth family. We have nannies we trust and know will be able to deliver the service required in the professional, flexible, vocational spirit that Irving Scott nannies are known for. By trusting us from day one, our clients can relax in the knowledge that we are working tirelessly to create the dream team.

How do we recruit nannies for twins?

We look for flexible candidates who can work in a team if they are going to be looking after one twin or who can multi-task when entrusted with two children. Candidates should know that:

  • Nannies with experience of twins often approach us to register on our books with clearly marked availability dates which we bear in mind when discussing requirements with a potential client.
  • Senior recruiter Paloma Irving interviews each candidate carefully in order to identify transferable skills, compatible personality traits, motivation and personal responsibility.
  • Nannies with open minds who nevertheless know how to set up routines, implement discipline, whose innate professional training generates confidence and whose dedication is demonstrable are those we invite to consider working with twins as a career-enhancing experience.

What should our clients expect from Irving Scott?

When our advice is sought, we study the dynamics, expectations and basic requirements a potential client has before offering one nanny for twins, two nannies for twins, or one full time and one backup nanny… the combinations are as unique as the circumstances of each family. Our clients can expect:

  • Thorough two-way communication to define needs and to plan ahead: for example, will our client be a stay-at-home parent or will a return to work be imminent? Will the babies be required to travel with their nannies? Etc.
  • Nannies that have references, vaccinations and are First Responders trained specifically for newborns.
  • That those nannies required from birth are available from week 30 of the pregnancy onwards, to ensure the right caregivers are available at the moment the children are born.

Royal twins to call upon

Should the Duchess of Sussex be expecting twins, there are parents of royal twins in Europe she can call upon for encouragement. Multilingual Duke of Anjou will no doubt have advice to share about childcare for his 8 year old Spanish twins, Louis and Alphonse, Duke of Burgundy and Duke of Berry (respectively). Whereas 19 year old Spanish twins, Umberto and Sofia, members of the Bulgarian Royal Family, are likely to have tales to tell which will either put Meghan Markle at ease or provide her with insight for this new adventure!

Look no further than Irving Scott for your multiple birth childcare solutions. We are available for every step of the way and honoured to be of service.