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Nanny Agency: Unlocking the Advantages of Using Professional Services

A nanny agency serves as an invaluable intermediary between you and your prospective family, leveraging expertise to match your unique skills and experiences with the specific requirements of a family. As a professional nanny agency, we stake our reputation on ensuring optimal matches, acting as a reliable partner in your nanny journey.

Our Role as a Nanny Agency

Our responsibilities span a wide range of areas in the nanny hiring process. We conduct interviews, verify qualifications and references, and conduct Disclosure, and Barring Service (DBS) checks to ensure your suitability for a role. Additionally, we guide the complexities of nanny tax and insurance and provide details on nanny remuneration.

While the employment contract is usually drawn up directly between the nanny and the family, we can oversee this process and offer expert advice on contractual matters.

Significantly, as the nanny, you incur no charges for using our agency. It is customary for the employing family to cover the nanny agency fee.

The Benefits of Working with a Nanny Agency

Engaging a nanny agency brings multiple benefits. From the outset, being as honest and forthcoming as possible with your agency is crucial. This transparency helps avoid potential complications or misunderstandings down the line. Provide clear information about your availability, any special requirements (like days off, dietary restrictions, or allergies), and your comfort level with the age and number of children in your care.

We prioritize finding a placement that aligns with your preferences and needs and often provide a selection of families seeking a nanny for you to consider.

Our responsibility doesn’t end when the contract is signed. As a committed agency, we provide comprehensive post-placement support for the nanny and the family. Whether you have follow-up questions, encounter issues, or need advice, we’re just a phone call or email away.

Post-Placement Support

To sum up, engaging with a nanny agency offers significant advantages. You receive professional support during the hiring process, expert advice on contracts and legal requirements, and ongoing assistance once you’ve found your perfect match. With us, you’re never alone on your nanny journey.

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Nanny Agency: Unlocking the Advantages of Using Professional Services 3

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