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Superb Nanny Services London #1 Agency

Superb Nanny Services London #1 Agency

Our expertise in finding the right nanny for your family comes from our in-depth knowledge of the industry and your specific requirements. All our candidates are qualified applicants who will be an asset to the child's development.

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Trusted Nanny Solutions - Finding the Right Care for Your Family

Irving Scott is a domestic staffing agency in London that is considered to be of the highest calibre and is in a class all by itself. We are committed to pairing families with experienced nannies who are professionals with a college education, a high level of expertise, innovative thinking, and a compassionate nature. We will assist you in finding the ideal nanny for your unique family by utilising a tried-and-true method that is also highly individualised.

Irving Scott has earned its stellar reputation over the years by catering to the requirements of families located throughout London. These families require seek high value in nanny service in addition to the provision of nurturing child care in the comfort of their own homes.

As a result, Irving Scott, a domestic placement agency for nannies that distinguishes itself from other nanny agencies covering London, came into being.

Our expertise in finding the right nanny for your family comes from our in-depth knowledge of the industry and your specific requirements. All our candidates are qualified applicants who will be an asset to the child’s development.

Irving Scott - London Nanny Agency You Can Trust

The group of trained professionals at Irving Scott is able to locate the ideal nanny for each of our clients. We are aware that each client has a unique set of requirements, and we realise how essential it is to discover the "perfect match" for them. We take great satisfaction in the fact that we take the time to get to know you before shortlisting the perfect nannies in London for you choose.

To find the right person to fill each family's unique role, we conduct in-depth interviews with candidates, learning about their skills and experiences, and then brief them on the specifics of the position before introducing them to the family.

Whether you're looking for a top-notch live-out nanny, live-in nanny, or a skilled maternity nurse, Irving Scott can help you find the ideal candidate.

Hire Qualified Maternity Nurses in 2024

Bespoke Nanny Recruitment Services

Finding the ideal nanny for a family requires learning about their individual requirements. Do you think it would be best to hire a nanny who also acts as a tutor? Do you guys do a lot of travelling? Do the kids require round-the-clock care?

Having peace of mind is a byproduct of our really individualised service, which entails thoroughly screening each applicant provided. With a focus on exceeding the loftiest of client expectations, we take the time to learn about your open position, your ideal candidate's skillset, and any other specifics that will help us locate the best fit.

Many applicants have experience in addition to being able to do the standard nanny tasks. One of the following professional nanny may be a good fit for your home, depending on your requirements and the skillset of the candidate:

Full-Time Nannies

Professional full-time nannies can take care of your children and help out around the house, all while blending in with your family. Depending on the demands of your family, a full-time nanny can work 40 or more hours per week. Live-in and live-out nannies are included in this category.

Temporary Nannies

Irving Scott can help shortlist ideal candidates for short-term nanny position, whether you need it for a temporary period of time or as a replacement for your regular nanny. A temporary nanny can provide the same individualised care and housekeeping assistance as a regular nanny, but only for the length of time that has been agreed upon.

Maternity Nurses

A maternity nurse's primary role is to provide postnatal care for infants and newborns. During the first year of a child's life, a maternity nurse is available to care for the baby around the clock.

Special Events Nannies

London-based "event nannies" care for children at events, special ceremonies, and other gatherings. Given the necessary experience and qualifications, we can quickly narrow down the pool of potential nannies for your event.

Special Events Nannies

A special needs nanny has the background and skills necessary to assist kids with special needs like Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and more. Depending on the needs of each family, we collaborate to identify the specific qualifications a nanny should have.

An Optimal Balance of Compassion and Competence

Irving Scott is committed to creating a positive and compassionate impact on the lives of the family and the nanny by going above and beyond to meet their every need. Our commitment to providing individualised service in an effort to find the best possible fit for each of our clients extends to everything we do.

At Irving Scott, we know that privacy, dependability, and excellence are crucial factors for families looking for a new member. Because of this, we adhere to a strict procedure when vetting applicants and consider only the absolute finest. We only shortlist Nannies who have a genuine interest in working with children, are highly motivated, have extensive childcare experience, and will treat yours with the utmost tenderness and affection.

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Our Nanny Shortlisting Process

When first getting to know the Family, Irving Scott may do so over at our office, over the phone, or at the Family's residence in areas such as South West London, East London, and North London. We use an extensive questionnaire that looks into every possible angle of the family's requirements and how we can help.

We next construct a personalised profile highlighting the family’s most essential prerequisites. Each viable candidate will undertake a unique personality exam to further boost the chance of getting hired. Also, once the evaluations are finished, we'll work together with the family to set up interviews with the top prospects.

When shortlisting, our top requirements include:

- Legal residence and work permit
- At least 21 years of age
- Proficiency in speaking, writing, and reading English
- Professional childcare experience
- Social media check
- Must hold a current CPR or First Aid Certificate
- Patient and pleasant personality
- A clean driving license
- High school education
- Training in child development
- Ability to multitask and meet the availability requirements

We guarantee the priceless nature of every connection created and fully back our promise to provide unrestrained assistance. Irving Scott is at your disposal whenever you need us to offer advice and insight concerning your children.

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