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Astrological Employment Compatibility

“Millionaire’s don’t use astrology, billionaires do”

J P Morgan once famously said, to show he believed there was a cosmic dynamic to the way the world – and the markets – worked.  So on a global and a personal level, the planets are known to influence our character and behaviour.  

With someone’s date and time of birth a whole host of information can be gleaned, not only how they operate and what stimulates them, but also what events, issues or moods will be coming up for them.

Astrological insight

This type of insider information can be crucial for any relationships but when recruiting staff, provides reliable insight as to which candidate is most appropriate for you and how best you can work together.  A whole host of planetary aspects can make a good candidate, but having a good understanding how each person likes to work, what activities would be most suited to and also fairly importantly, how are they going to relate to you is a useful layer of information to make hiring a lot easier and stress free.

Horoscope for compatibility and suitability

Yes, Virgos and Capricorns like hard work and are fastidious, but do they like being told what to do and are they too detail orientated.  The nuances of each horoscope are going to show up details that can be discussed before they get hired, so when you know a Leo is coming in for an interview, perhaps you can ask about their attention to detail and even so, maybe the show off cats are suited to front of house anyway.  An astrologer can see these details and suggest topics to uncover or areas of compatibility and suitability, so forewarned is forearmed.

How Astrology Can Help Recruitment

  • Provides insight into candidates personality
  • Shows areas to discuss in interview
  • Highlights how a person prefers to operate and what inspires or stimulates them
  • Shows upcoming issues and events in a person’s life which may be relevant
  • Shows areas of compatibility


Ann-Louise is a yoga teacher and homeopath as well as an astrologer, so aims to combine these ancient arts to shed light on key moments in life; the opportunities and challenges, just like a game of snakes and ladders where you can see the board and have the dice.  Her monthly astrological musings are at and daily planets on Instagram@VenusAndVesta


Once we narrow the candidates down to your preferred choice of 3, the cost of the service is an additional £80.

Our Astrological Employment Compatibility service has been featured in The Sunday Times.