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astrological employment compatibility

Unlocking Absolute Success: Astrological Employment Compatibility

Astrological Employment Compatibility: “Millionaire’s don’t use astrology, billionaires do.”

This famous quote from J.P. Morgan underscores his belief in the cosmic dynamic influencing both the world and the markets at large. On a global and personal scale, the planets and their movements have been considered influential on our character and behaviour.

With an individual’s date and time of birth, the realm of astrology can reveal an extensive host of insights. Not only can we understand how they operate and what stimulates them, but we can also gain a sense of upcoming events, issues or moods that they may experience. This level of understanding extends beyond the personal, delving into their work style, motivation, and overall suitability for specific roles. In the context of employment, these astrological insights can indeed prove invaluable.


Astrological insight

Astrological knowledge can serve as an invaluable tool when forging new relationships, particularly when it comes to recruitment. As we delve into the planetary alignments, birth charts, and star signs, we can glean crucial insights that help identify the most suitable candidates for specific roles. This isn’t merely about identifying qualified individuals; it’s about understanding their working style, their passion, their motivation, and ultimately, how they will fit within the existing team dynamics.

For any hiring manager, this level of understanding can be transformative. Each candidate comes with a unique set of strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, and preferences, and astrology can provide a window into these aspects. By knowing how each person prefers to work, what activities they are most drawn to, and what energizes them, you can align them with roles where they’re most likely to excel.

Moreover, interpersonal relationships play a vital role in any team. Therefore, gauging how a prospective candidate will interact with you and other team members can be crucial. By using astrological insights, you can gain an understanding of their communication style, how they handle conflict, and how they contribute to team synergy.

This deeper understanding can significantly ease the hiring process, ensuring that the candidate you bring onboard isn’t just capable, but also aligns well with your team’s dynamics, communication style, and overall ethos. This leads to a more stress-free hiring process, as you have an extra layer of information to guide your decision-making.

Harnessing the power of astrology in the recruitment process doesn’t replace traditional methods but complements them, giving you an extra edge. With these astrological insights, you are not just hiring a candidate, but building a harmonious and productive team.

Horoscope for Astrological Employment Compatibility and suitability

Yes, Virgos and Capricorns like hard work and are fastidious, but do they like being told what to do and are they too detail-orientated?  The nuances of each horoscope are going to show up details that can be discussed before they get hired, so when you know a Leo is coming in for an interview, perhaps you can ask about their attention to detail and even so, maybe the show off cats are suited to front of house anyway.  An astrologer can see these details and suggest topics to uncover or areas of compatibility and suitability, so forewarned is forearmed.

How Astrology Can Help Recruitment

  • Provides insight into candidates’ personality
  • Shows areas to discuss in the interview
  • Highlights how a person prefers to operate and what inspires or stimulates them
  • Shows upcoming issues and events in a person’s life which may be relevant
  • Shows areas of compatibility


Ann-Louise is a yoga teacher and homoeopath as well as an astrologer, so aims to combine these ancient arts to shed light on key moments in life; the opportunities and challenges, just like a game of snakes and ladders where you can see the board and have the dice.  Her monthly astrological musings are at and daily planets on Instagram@VenusAndVesta


Once we narrow the candidates down to your preferred choice of 3, the cost of the service is an additional £80.

Our Astrological Employment Compatibility service has been featured in The Sunday Times.

astrological employment compatibility

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