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The Advantages of Using a Nanny Agency

A nanny agency acts as a mediator between you and the family.  We are skilled in cross referencing your capabilities with the specific needs of a family, and as a professional nanny agency we will do our best to make a good match – our reputation depends on it!  As a nanny agency we will take care of interviewing, checking qualifications and references plus running DBS checks.  We will inform you as an employer about the workings of nanny tax and nanny insurance plus nanny pay. While a contract is most likely to be drawn up between a nanny and the family, as an agency we are happy to oversee and give contractual advice.

You, as the nanny, will not be charged to use a nanny agency.  It is standard that the employing family pays the nanny agency fee.

It is vital that from the very beginning you are as honest as possible with the nanny agency.  This avoids any complications or misunderstandings later on.  Be crystal clear about your starting dates, special requirements (days off/food or pet allergies, etc.) minimum ages and maximum number of charges.  It is in our agency’s interest to set you up with a placement that suits you so they will often provide a choice of families looking for a nanny.

As a good agency we provide efficient after-care for both the nanny and the family. So if you have any follow-up queries, problems or need advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.