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Mary Poppins Unveiled: Discover Enchanting More than Mary Poppins

At Irving Scott the name Mary Poppins comes up in conversation regularly, with both clients and candidates, especially at the moment with the latest film adaptation to hit the silver screen. Her name is mentioned often anecdotally, but always with much affection.

Despite having supernatural skills which can never be replicated by mere mortals, it is Mary Poppins who inspires 21st century nannies precisely because she is much-loved.

There are, of course, other feature film nannies whose influence can still be felt today. Who wouldn’t want a songbird like Maria von Trapp as their governess to lure tech-saturated children away from their screens and out into the wilderness? Who hasn’t wondered whether Nanny McPhee’s rather alarming mix of bluntness and magic couldn’t be funnelled into their fast-paced modern family in the person of an indispensable nanny?

Nannies have left an indelible mark on fiction precisely because they are truly inspiring individuals who perform a remarkable role in our day-to-day lives. Is it fair to request a modern-day Mary Poppins from an elite domestic recruitment agency like ours? Of course it is! In fact, we challenge our clients to go beyond Mary Poppins and to examine their wants, needs and desires. We curate a list of candidates that suit specific circumstances, offering an informed choice of experienced nannies for each vacancy.

Mary Poppins is universally admired for her astuteness, wit, discipline, professional affection and unquestionable vocation. We expect nothing less from our candidates. However we also cover real 21st century expectations including comprehensive childcare knowledge on areas such as nutrition, physical development, etiquette and emotional intelligence.

Our candidates have language skills, driving licenses, First Aid certificates and follow career-specific on-going training programs. Furthermore, unlike Mary Poppins, our candidates are not vain and self-regarding. There is no fear that an Irving Scott nanny/manny will seek out a mirror at every opportunity to check his or her appearance!

At Irving Scott, we understand that surpassing the legacy of Mary Poppins is no small feat. However, through our approach of working closely with parents, setting clear boundaries, maintaining unwavering attentiveness, prioritizing education, and comprehending the essence of the role, all of our nanny candidates consistently exceed any fictional expectations.

We possess a unique ability to recognize the deep vocational drive that propels professional nannies forward, setting them apart in their dedication and commitment.

When you welcome an Irving Scott nanny into your home, you gain the privilege of experiencing the unparalleled level of expertise and care they bring. It is through the synergy of our partnership that we ensure not only the happiness of your children but also the harmony of your entire household.

Our nannies go above and beyond, surpassing the need for supercalifragilisticexpialidocious nonsense words, and instead focusing on creating a nurturing and stimulating environment that fosters growth and happiness.

With a profound understanding of the importance of their role, our dedicated nannies forge meaningful connections with your family, becoming trusted allies in providing exceptional care.

They go the extra mile, leveraging their expertise and unwavering dedication to ensure that every aspect of your children’s lives is enriched and supported. At Irving Scott, we believe that a happy household starts with the happiness and well-being of the little ones under our care.

So, while offering more than Mary Poppins may seem like an ambitious mission, we take pride in consistently surpassing expectations and delivering an experience that goes beyond imagination.

With an Irving Scott nanny, you can trust that your family is in the hands of professionals who are committed to creating a nurturing and joyful environment, where your children can thrive and flourish.


mary poppins
Mary Poppins Unveiled: Discover Enchanting More than Mary Poppins 3