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Country Houses: Discover Why You Are Indispensable to the UK’s Grand Estates?

In the breathtaking realm of country houses, Irving Scott has recently expanded its recruitment services to meet the demand for exceptional domestic staff in some of the UK’s most captivating rural environments. Stately homes, country manors, and private halls scattered across the country are seeking skilled professionals to fill a variety of placements.

Each unique placement presents distinct requirements and expectations. Some roles involve working collaboratively as part of a dedicated team, while others require individuals to autonomously carry out tasks under the direct guidance of the estate owner. Responsibilities can range from strictly defined duties to flexible assignments that encompass a wide array of tasks. Regardless of the specifics, every placement demands the utmost in high-level skills and expertise.

At Irving Scott, we understand the profound significance of matching the right talent to these prestigious positions. We diligently source and select domestic staff who possess the exceptional capabilities necessary to excel within the distinguished setting of a country house. Our commitment to providing a tailored approach ensures that the needs of each unique placement are met with precision and care.

Whether it is managing the daily operations of a grand estate, attending to the meticulous needs of the household, or delivering impeccable service to esteemed guests, the role of domestic staff in country houses requires an unparalleled level of skill and proficiency. At Irving Scott, we recognize the importance of meeting these extraordinary expectations and strive to fulfill the staffing needs of the UK’s grand estates with the utmost dedication and expertise.

Join us in discovering the captivating world of country houses and the critical need for exceptional domestic staff. Experience the opportunity to make a significant impact in the realm of luxury living and become an integral part of preserving the heritage and grace of these remarkable estates.

Does rural mean remote?

Not necessarily. Some rural properties are run with live-out staff that commute easily from nearby towns.  However, love and preference for the countryside is often a prerequisite.

Are country houses private residences?

Yes, they are – and there are more than many people realise.  Whilst nearly all the owners of these heritage properties operate other businesses and have done so throughout their history, modern necessity has determined a more wide-ranging and creative approach than traditional country pursuits.   

Although many have public gardens, there are some that operate tourist attractions, concerts, conferences, wedding venues and cultural events.  A few are open to the public all year, most are open seasonally and some are only open on just a few days for specific reasons, from the National Gardens Scheme to weird and quirky events.

Why is this important?

Our candidates are adept at doing their jobs despite being surrounded by, usually, respectful visitors.  They have the ability to keep focused on their roles and requirements rather than being side-tracked by the events and people involved and do so whilst also preserving the dignity and good reputation of the property owners who rely on these businesses to maintain their homes.

Why Irving Scott?

Those owners that have turned to Irving Scott with specific recruitment requests have been impressed by our attention to detail. We are thorough in our research, gaining an in-depth understanding of the role the home plays within the local community and society.

Once we are fully versed on the characteristics of the setting, we look closely at our database to find the most suitable candidates for the unique positions of chef, housekeeper, gardener, PA, butler or house manager in these households. Most of our candidates join our books with experience of country houses employment and those who express a desire to move into stately home employment from other areas of private service are always welcome to contact us to discuss this.

What to expect when working in a stately home?

Repair works – lots of them! Maintenance work is continual and often disruptive, affecting all areas of the household directly or indirectly. As household managers our candidates show great skill in developing professional relationships with contractors; as butlers, our candidates are well-versed in accommodating change so that the least inconvenience is caused to residents; as chefs, our candidates have shown flexibility with menus and meals in order to deliver under temporary restrictions; as gardeners our candidates have kept maintenance impact to a minimum and the owner’s gardens still beautiful.

Visitors – We’ve already mentioned them, there could be just a select few or many thousands, and none of them will faze you.

Unique staff accommodation – Most of our candidates are provided lodgings in the most delightful of circumstances as many stately homeowners pride themselves on the quality of the accommodation they provide for their live-in employees.  Often this can be in a separate, self-contained property within the Estate and not necessarily in the Big House itself.   Although living in the countryside has its own set of idiosyncrasies, the benefits of a healthy countryside environment always outweigh any of its slight inconveniences.

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Country Houses: Discover Why You Are Indispensable to the UK's Grand Estates? 3