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Hiring a domestic couple is a smart move

In private houses staff stability and continuity is a treasured goal that is often met by hiring domestic couples to live-in and work with your family. Here at Irving Scott we have successfully placed many professional individuals with their partners in positions that provided mutually rewarding career opportunities.

Benefits of hiring a domestic couple

  1. The key benefit of offering jobs to a couple is the lasting reliability this offers. By accepting the positions the couple invests themselves in the principal. As such they are simultaneously resistant and flexible.
  2. It is also marginally cheaper to hire a couple rather than two individuals, mainly because accommodation costs are reduced by allocating them the guest house. The couple gains by having a certain degree of independence and the principal gains by having lower overheads.
  3. Those offering a domestic couple position often value the security offered by having a couple living there. The house is safer when they are abroad or are residing elsewhere.
  4. Couples often take roles where secrecy and discretion are prerequisites. Thus, having the collaboration of a couple working seamlessly in the team is a clear advantage.

Benefits of working with your partner in a private household

  1. Being in the same working environment helps gain awareness of the pressures they are under in their individual roles. Sometimes this insight leads to better communication across the spectrum of different employees within the house dynamic. It can be useful as well as rewarding to work in the same house as your partner!
  2. Rural domestic couples appreciate spending time together in interesting environments. Having chosen this way of life, they cherish the opportunities presented to them of enjoying stunning locations.
  3. Free accommodation for self, partner and (if circumstances dictate) children too is a benefit that is often cited to Irving Scott by prospective candidates.

What sorts of clients seek couples?

The most common feature of clients seeking to employ couples is that they live in rural locations. Offering stability, security and flexibility in the more remote communities, both in the UK and abroad, makes hiring a domestic couple a wise choice.

Often clients with families ask for couples to work in their household, where a high turnover of staff is deemed destabilizing for younger family members and in the knowledge that a couple is more likely to settle.

As mentioned above, clients who are away from home will request couples as a way of safeguarding the property in their prolonged absences.

If you are interested in hiring a couple to cover vacancies in your establishment or are a couple with relevant skills for this exciting sector, please contact Irving Scott. We will be delighted to assist you.