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    The lynchpin of your domestic team, housekeeper duties are broad and multifaceted, providing your household with all necessary support and maintenance.


    From shopping, to laundry, to cleaning, housekeepers are able to accommodate your requests swiftly and easily, never missing a detail or moment. Job descriptions between the duties of a housekeeper and one of a personal assistant often overlap in modern, 21st-century households and a successful housekeeper will bring multiple skills and talents to a housekeeping assignment.

    Running errands, making trips to the supermarket, rotation of perishable goods in the pantry and larder and also occasional provide child-caring duties can be invaluable added qualities. You may have a resident nanny, but will need your housekeeper to step in from time to time to fill an unexpected gap in service. Perhaps hiring a housekeeper with culinary talents or excellent driving skills could also be an added benefit to your staff requirements. A housekeeper who doubles as a personal chef might be just the ticket for a busy, working couple with children.

    Some of the main skills a qualified housekeeper should be proficient in:

    How they will help

    No two households are alike, hence your housekeeper must be able to respond to the unique conditions of your property, family and domestic arrangements. Housekeepers do not just clean house, they keep house and there is a wide variety of additional duties that encompass the title of ‘housekeeper’. To ensure our high standards and to match your housekeeping needs with the right fit from our talented service providers, we maintain close contact with our personnel because we’re committed to making sure our clients receive superb, flawless service. In our in-depth interview process, we identify the talents of selected personnel early on in order to present you with best candidates who are most uniquely suited to your specific needs and household situation.

    So, whether you require a housekeeping service comparable to that of a 5-star hotel experience, or one with less anonymity to include a more personal, familiar touch, our extensive employment pool of personnel can provide us with just the right candidates to present for your careful consideration.


    This is up to the individual household, but the majority do. Housekeepers often wear smart black and white attire.

    A housekeeper is in charge of household affairs. He or she has a set of responsibilities that include overseeing cleaning tasks which are usually carried out by dedicated staff members.

    Due to the triple knock-on effect of Brexit, Covid and the conflict in the Ukraine. Furthermore, global inflation rates are causing prices to rise, thus increasing salary expectations of domestic staff across the board.

    We do not poach staff and nor do we encourage them to leave a role which they gained through our services. Although we know it is common for other high-end recruitment agencies to build profitable careers out of moving highly capable individuals from one home to the next in order to gain commission, that is not the way we work at Irving Scott, where we actively encourage stability.

    Because, given time, we can (and regularly do) perform wonders to resounding success. We know recruitment.