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Perché assumere personale domestico tramite un'agenzia è la decisione migliore

Perché assumere personale domestico tramite un'agenzia è la decisione migliore

When hiring domestic staff professional caregivers, domestic personnel, butlers, housekeepers or maids for their busy households, our clients do not hesitate in calling Irving Scott. Having learnt the pitfalls of going it alone, they often consider our services as an investment in excellence, as well as leading to time-saving and satisfaction. Good quality, well-researched, savvy websites abound where home help can be recruited, especially nannies. But none of them is a patch on an agency like Irving Scott, where a full placement service is provided. 

Irving Scott provides practical support for Hiring Domestic Staff

One thing we pride ourselves in is providing practical support to our clients. We often receive praise for the excellence of our services, the efficiency of our recruitment practices and the guaranteed satisfaction felt by both candidate and client. However, it is the signature practicalities that Irving Scott is most valued for. We help clients with employment contracts, we sort out payroll and we explain local labour law to newcomers. Furthermore, our team speaks several languages making communication more fluid and meaningful. We offer rooms at our Notting Hill office for clients to meet candidates if that is more convenient for them and we will also assist at interviews on location upon request. 

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The extraordinary excellence of candidates

Candidates who are not yet on the market for a new job inform Irving Scott in advance so that we can begin matching their profiles as exclusive chefs, chauffeurs, valets, nannies, housekeepers or butlers with potential clients. A good bambinaia will return to the same agency every time they seek a new placement. Our relationship with some of the most experienced personale domestico professionals in London and the rest of the world is one based on trust, respect and mutual admiration – we admire their skills and they admire ours!

Irving Scott’s dynamic recruiting relationship with all players when hiring domestic staff

We support and encourage our clients to take an active role in the recruitment process. When seeking to fill a nanny role or that of a house manager, expectations are naturally incredibly high. Our candidates are at the top of their game; they expect Irving Scott to seek vacancies that will help them progress in their careers. Similarly, when giving us insight and access to their personal situations, our clients are confident that the transparency of the professional recruitment service we provide them is underpinned by the utmost respect for privacy. 

Effective use of time for Hiring Domestic Staff

Those decision-makers who have decided to embark upon recruiting household staff without the support of an agency often comment afterwards that they dedicated more time to the process than they had expected to. Going through an agency helps save time. With the support of Irving Scott, families find a better quality candidate, someone who is serious about their position and who has been briefed about the individual circumstances of the vacancy they are hoping to fill. 


Clients, candidates and collaborators coincide in praising Irving Scott for providing the service they required. Whether it’s checking references, pitching career ideas to professionals who may not have considered progressing into private household roles or suggesting which collaborators are to be trusted for services such as legal advice, property searching or travel, Irving Scott never fails to deliver. We know that our carefully thought out recruitment formula, aims and promises are serving everyone well. It is satisfying to be so well-considered in such a competitive market. 

Discovering the best match for you

We know that there is no such thing as the best domestic staff per se, rather that there is the best match for you. Joining Irving Scott as a client, candidate or collaborator is like finding the missing piece in a puzzle. Our recruitment portfolio is a kaleidoscope of bright talent. Proof that we have our finger on the pulse can be found in the candidates who appreciate our salary guide and our suggerimenti per il colloquio as well as from clients who like our referrals scheme and the one-to-one attention they receive. 

What are you waiting for? Come and thrive under the Irving Scott umbrella today! We can help in Hiring Domestic Staff

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