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Persönlicher Assistent

Ein äußerst fähiger und vielseitiger persönlicher oder geschäftsführender Assistent erledigt Ihre persönlichen und geschäftlichen Aufgaben mit Leichtigkeit, Freundlichkeit und Sorgfalt und ist dank seiner umfassenden Ausbildung und seines Hintergrunds ein unverzichtbarer Attaché.


The interpersonal skills of our PAs are unparalleled, their reputations earned through and supported by years of experience responding to the needs of high profile principals working across the globe.

As problem solvers with excellent common sense and proven career track records, your PA will be a bright and attentive individual. An ideal PA is someone with a great degree of personal initiative and discipline who can work well in a fast-paced environment.

Set your mind at ease by engaging one of Irving Scott’s PAs to assist with time management, and scheduling meetings, errands, house-opening, and other crucial, time-consuming matters.

Fulfilling this role requires an individual who has excellent interpersonal skills and administrative ability, so Irving Scott engages only those PAs who are cordial true professional as well as capable.

What Type Of Support Do You Need?

In the United Kingdom, the availability of personal assistant positions offers a diverse range of opportunities, each uniquely tailored to the specific role. These team assistant roles encompass a versatile array of responsibilities, encompassing the seamless coordination and organization of both personal and professional aspects of an employer’s life and work environment.

With the personal assistance side of a Private PA, individuals can significantly enhance their efficiency and attain a more impeccably organized lifestyle. Typical tasks associated with PA positions include a wide spectrum of functions. Whether you seek a temporary or permanent PA role, part-time or full-time, the options are always open to meet your specific needs.

The Role of a Personal Assistant

In the bustling world of the upper echelon, a personal assistant plays an indispensable role in ensuring the smooth running of one's professional and personal affairs. With an exquisite skill set encompassing diary management, answering phone calls, and mastering office systems, the ideal candidate works closely with their employer to bring order to the chaos of day-to-day life.

An adeptness in event planning, coupled with flexible working hours, allows for the seamless orchestration of opulent soirées and elite gatherings, while travel arrangements are meticulously crafted to provide first-class experiences tailored to the most discerning tastes.

With a wealth of knowledge amassed from a similar role, the personal assistant possesses the acumen to draft briefing papers, oversee business meetings, and spearhead specific projects with aplomb.

The meticulous management of appointments, timely preparation of reports, and deft handling of personal correspondence all fall within the remit of this consummate professional, who is responsible for managing their own workload with the utmost discretion.

Personal assistants most often serve as a client’s first point of contact with the public, their everyday tasks, which can range from answering phones and greeting visitors, working alongside the client, or working completely autonomously, making sure properties are kept in tip-top shape in the resident’s absence or open for residency when needed.

At times, they are retained to handle a client’s financial or real estate dealings as an agent or by proxy when a client is unavailable.

Responsibilities of the PA typically include:
  • Als erster Ansprechpartner für den Auftraggeber fungieren.
  • Erledigung von Korrespondenz und Telefongesprächen.
  • Kontaktaufnahme mit Mitarbeitern, Lieferanten, Lieferanten und Kunden.
  • Führen von Tagesordnungen und Tagebüchern, Organisieren von Besprechungen und Terminen.
  • Organisation von Reiseplänen, Vortragsverpflichtungen und gesellschaftlichen Auftritten.
  • Den Überblick behalten und den Kunden an wichtige Fristen, Termine und Termine erinnern.
  • Erstellen von Berichten, Präsentationen und Korrespondenz.
  • Verfassen von Korrespondenz und Pflege von Computerdateien und -systemen.
  • Recherche nach Interessens- oder Belanggebieten für die geschäftlichen oder persönlichen Bedürfnisse eines Kunden.

Beyond Gender Stereotypes

As the Nanny profession includes more Mannies in their workforce, the P.A. profession is also experiencing a gradual narrowing of the gender gap as more men are regarding the profession as a viable and satisfying career opportunity.

Being the boss’s ‘right-hand man’ is often more a right-hand person in the same personal assistant job in world but yesterday’s ‘Girl Friday’ could soon become ‘Guy Friday’.

A innovative national, non-profit organization whose mission is to ‘champion, promote and develop the Assistant profession’, the Executive & Personal Assistants Association (EPAA) serves as a membership body that has industry contacts and offers support services for career development and networking.

Their 2017 campaign ‘Not Just a Girl’s Job’ was created to highlight the disparity in the female:male ratio. They estimate that approximately 97% of Assistants are female, 3% male.

Another certification that career-oriented PAs may seek to possess is a CAP designation, Certified Administrative Professional, awarded by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

This designation is earned by passing a 4-part examination in relevant topics such as project management, business administration and office technology.

Qualifications and Training Required

  • Diskretion und Vertrauenswürdigkeit als Voraussetzung für den Umgang mit vertraulichen Informationen.
  • Ability to compartmentalize and put aside personal needs at times.
  • Auch bei der Arbeit unter Druck Ruhe bewahren.
  • Flexibilität und Anpassungsfähigkeit, angenehmes spontanes Erledigen von Aufgaben.
  • Ausgezeichnete Kommunikationsfähigkeiten, sowohl mündlich als auch schriftlich.
  • Organisations- und Multitasking-Fähigkeiten mit hoher Effizienz.
  • Proaktive Selbststarter mit der Fähigkeit, andere zu motivieren.
  • Taktgefühl und Diplomatie mit guter Fähigkeit zum kritischen Denken.
  • Computer- und digitaltechnikaffin, in der Lage, neue Technologien zu beherrschen.

Why Hire A Personal Assistant?

In a city like London, where time is a precious commodity, the benefits of having a personal assistant cannot be overstated. By entrusting the management of their personal and professional lives to a skilled and experienced personal assistant, clients can navigate the complexities of their high-end world with ease, knowing that every detail is being expertly handled.

A personal assistant's exceptional support also allows their clients to remain focused on their pursuits and enjoy the finer aspects of their privileged lifestyle, all while staying organized and in control. By taking on full-time or part-time personal assistant jobs, these dedicated professionals aid in managing the day-to-day tasks and family responsibilities that come with a high-profile lifestyle.

This not only ensures that everything runs seamlessly, but also allows clients to focus on their core businesses or personal interests. PA jobs are tailored to suit the unique requirements of the individual, ensuring that every aspect of a client's life is attended to with the utmost care and attention.

These professionals work closely with senior management and other key personnel, dealing with matters ranging from diary management, meeting preparation and travel arrangements to handling confidential information and coordinating events. Their adaptability, discretion, and resourcefulness make them indispensable allies in maintaining order amidst the chaos of work life balance a busy schedule.

Hire The Perfect Personal Assistant With Irving Scott

In the dynamic landscape of today's world, time has emerged as a precious commodity, and it is our steadfast commitment to bestow the gift of the valuable asset of free time upon our esteemed clients.

To accomplish this aspiration, we have meticulously selected Personal Assistants with over a decade of experience serving royalty, celebrities, top executives, and ultra-high-net-worth families, thus ensuring that our clients have exclusive access to a reservoir of the world's most exceptional talents.

At Irving Scott, we cater to the discerning tastes of our distinguished clientele by offering first-class domestic staffing solutions in London. Our esteemed agency specialises in the provision of top-tier, experienced personal assistants for those seeking unparalleled support at the senior level.

Our thorough vetting pa recruitment process ensures that each candidate is meticulously scrutinized, including comprehensive background checks, reference evaluations, and skill assessments. This rigorous procedure guarantees that our valued clients receive only the most outstanding personal assistants, tailored to their exact needs and preferences.

Irving Scott's commitment to exceptional service extends beyond the recruitment process. We take the time to understand each client's unique requirements, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience with our expertly matched personal assistants.

Entrust your own personal life and professional affairs to the attentive care of our distinguished professionals and experience the transformative power of an Irving Scott personal assistant.



We embrace holistic development and support high quality work done for employees with the aim of being a first-choice employer within our sectors of private staffing.

Jemand, der einfallsreich und proaktiv ist, nicht viel Aufsicht braucht und einfach die anstehende Aufgabe erledigt. Das können sehr anspruchsvolle Rollen sein, daher ist es wichtig, auch unter Druck ruhig bleiben zu können.

A PADie Rolle besteht hauptsächlich aus administrativen Aufgaben, während ein EA will partake in many of the same duties, but their role is more strategic, they act as the right-hand person to the principal and can fill in for some of their duties. After gaining experience, a PA can transition into more permanent roles, becoming an EA.

Certainly, you have the option to hire a personal or virtual assistant on either a full-time or part-time basis. We offer an extensive range of personal assistants in our vast database, including both part-time and full-time options.

For maximum adaptability, opt for hiring a full-time candidate who can adjust their working hours according to your fluctuating requirements each week. 

Conversely, part-time candidates generally need a predetermined schedule and a minimum number of guaranteed weekly hours.

The salaries for personal assistants and executive assistants in the UK vary depending on experience, location, and specific responsibilities. On average, personal assistants earned between £35,000 and £50,000 per annum (it could be lower for a junior personal assistant), while executive assistants typically received a Gehalt ranging from £45,000 to £110,000 per annum. It's important to note that these figures are approximate and may differ based on the individual circumstances, PA job requirement, and market conditions at the time.

Working with a prestigious domestic staffing agency like Irving Scott offers a wealth of advantages when seeking to hire a personal assistant or executive assistant. Catering to an exclusive clientele, Irving Scott ensures a high level of professionalism, discretion, and tailored service to meet the exacting needs of its distinguished clients. Here are some of the key benefits of partnering with Irving Scott:

  1. Fachwissen und Erfahrung: With a proven track record in the luxury domestic staffing market, Irving Scott possesses unparalleled knowledge and insight into the needs of discerning clients. Our experienced consultants have an in-depth understanding of the qualities required in a personal or executive assistant to seamlessly integrate into your household or business.

  2. Maßgeschneiderter Service: Irving Scott prides itself on providing a personalized, bespoke service that caters to the unique preferences and requirements of each individual client. From the initial consultation to the final placement, we take the time to understand your specific needs and meticulously match candidates to ensure a harmonious working relationship.

  3. Ausgedehntes Netz: Als führende inländische Personalvermittlungsagentur hat Irving Scott Zugriff auf ein umfangreiches und exklusives Netzwerk außergewöhnlicher Kandidaten. Unser strenger Auswahlprozess stellt sicher, dass nur die qualifiziertesten und erfahrensten Fachleute ihren Kunden vorgestellt werden, was ein gewisses Maß an Sicherheit in der Qualität der Kandidaten bietet.

  4. Vertraulichkeit und Diskretion: Irving Scott wahrt während des gesamten Rekrutierungsprozesses höchste Vertraulichkeit und Diskretion. Wir sind uns der Bedeutung der Privatsphäre für ihre hochkarätigen Kunden bewusst und behandeln alle Kommunikationen und Interaktionen mit großer Sensibilität und Sorgfalt.

  5. Zeitsparend und effizient: Partnering with Irving Scott allows you to focus on your business or personal commitments while they take care of the time-consuming aspects of recruitment. Their expertise in matching the right candidate to your unique needs saves you valuable time and effort, ensuring that you find the perfect personal or executive assistant without unnecessary hassle.

  6. Zufriedenheitsgarantie: Um eine vollständige Zufriedenheit zu gewährleisten, bietet Irving Scott eine Garantiezeit für seine Vermittlungen. Sollte der unwahrscheinliche Fall eintreten, dass ein Kandidat Ihre Erwartungen nicht erfüllt, werden wir unermüdlich daran arbeiten, ohne zusätzliche Kosten einen geeigneten Ersatz zu finden.

Engaging the services of a distinguished domestic staffing agency like Irving Scott offers a myriad of advantages for affluent clients seeking the perfect personal or executive assistant.

Our expertise, industry-leading domestic staffing services, reliable service and commitment to excellence make us the ideal choice for those seeking the very best in domestic staffing solutions in London.

To begin the process of recruiting dedicated assistants, commence by crafting a comprehensive job description for best personal assistants that intricately outlines their responsibilities and contributions.

This description may then be prominently featured on various online job boards, portals and recruitment agencies, or alternatively, you can leverage the power of personal connections and expansive professional networks to seek out suitable candidates.

At Irving Scott, we take pride in our expertise professional experience in sourcing and connecting with top-tier personal assistants in the vibrant city of London, United Kingdom.

When interviewing a personal assistant, it's essential to probe their administrative skills, adaptability, and ability to handle sensitive information. Common questions include assessing their experience in providing administrative support, prioritization methods, problem-solving abilities, and proficiency with organizational tools. Additionally, questions about communication style, handling pressure, and successful project management provide a comprehensive view of the candidate's suitability for the role.

Common misconceptions about personal assistants include exaggerated privacy concerns, underestimating their capabilities, assuming a one-size-fits-all model, fearing security risks, and thinking they are entirely dependent on the internet. In reality, personal assistants prioritize user privacy, boast advanced capabilities, offer customization, implement robust security measures, and function effectively offline for various tasks.

In private households, various types of personal assistants cater to diverse needs. House managers oversee domestic operations, handling staff and overseeing household functions. Personal chefs create customized meals, considering dietary preferences and restrictions. Personal shoppers manage shopping needs, ensuring the availability of essentials and luxury items. Nannies provide childcare, offering a nurturing environment. Household organizers enhance efficiency, maintaining order and organization. Additionally, personal trainers focus on fitness goals, tailoring exercise regimens. The choice of a personal assistant depends on individual requirements, encompassing household management, culinary expertise, shopping, childcare, organization, and fitness.