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Household Staff in Hong Kong

Let us help you match perfect staff.

We are the premier household staffing agency providing household staff in Hong Kong.

Irving Scott extends its renowned bespoke household staffing solutions to Hong Kong, a world-class hub for both business and culture. Our tailored services are designed to meet the high standards of Hong Kong's discerning residents, offering unparalleled domestic assistance that integrates seamlessly into your sophisticated urban lifestyle.

Expert Household Staffing in Hong Kong's Dynamic Landscape Hong Kong's unique blend of Eastern and Western influences demands exceptional household staff who can navigate this vibrant city's fast-paced environment. Irving Scott Hong Kong specialises in providing top-tier domestic professionals, from private chefs to executive housekeepers, who uphold professionalism and discretion.

Why Irving Scott is Your Premier Choice for Household Staff in Hong Kong Global Expertise, Local Insight: We leverage years of international experience and a deep understanding of Hong Kong's cultural nuances to ensure every placement meets your specific requirements.

Tailored Recruitment Strategy:
Our comprehensive selection process includes rigorous skills assessments and personality evaluations to match your household's unique needs. Dedicated to Excellence: We commit to long-term client satisfaction, providing ongoing support to ensure our staff continue to exceed your expectations.

Comprehensive Recruitment Process for Exemplary Results Our recruitment process is meticulously crafted, beginning with a detailed client consultation to understand your household dynamics. Candidates undergo strict vetting, including background checks and skill validation, to ensure they thrive in Hong Kong’s elite households.

Benefits of Partnering with Irving Scott in Hong Kong Access to Elite Candidates: Our extensive network provides access to exceptional talent rigorously vetted for their expertise and compatibility with high-end Hong Kong lifestyles.

Ongoing Support and Advice: Our commitment extends beyond placement, ensuring continuous satisfaction with our comprehensive support and advisory services.

Reach out to begin your journey towards perfect household staffing. Our expert team is ready to assist you with top-tier service that aligns with the sophisticated standards of Hong Kong's elite homes.

Trouver mon staff idéal

    Cela dépend entièrement du nombre d'heures par semaine que le candidat travaillera pour vous. Nous serons heureux de discuter avec vous des règles d’emploi du personnel de maison ou de consulter votre conseiller fiscal. conseiller fiscal.

    We would highly recommend that you implement staff insurance for your chosen household staff candidate, when hiring in Hong Kong. Même s’il est rarement nécessaire de s’en prévaloir, il s’agit d’une démarche responsable qui permet une grande sérénité.

    As a household staff agency in Hong Kong, we understand that hiring domestic staff is about discovering the best match for you.

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