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Highly specialised and trained, your Estate Manager will ensure the safety and smooth day-to-day running and service of your property to clients, tenants and staff.


We prize House / Kiinteistönhoitajat who have extensive experience. The position demands grace under pressure and consummate professionalism. Courtesy in residential property and commercial estate property management is of paramount importance.

The Estate Manager will oversee tradespeople and the general running of the property, capable of servicing the many facets and unique aspects of your home, business and household. They are flexible, highly skilled, and have extensive day-to-day management experience managing large properties and staff for a range of high-profile individuals, estates and companies.

Velvollisuudet ja vastuut

  • Coordinating with household staff to ensure the timing for lunch and dinner is correct.
  • Päivittäistavaraostojen ja verkkotilausten hoitaminen valituilta tavarantoimittajilta.
  • Kotikeittiön ruokakomero ja ruokakomero täytettynä ja ennakkotilaukset tarvittaessa.
  • Perheen viikoittaisen ruokalistan laatiminen, terveellisyyden ja tasapainoisuuden varmistaminen sekä ruokavalion toiveiden ja vaatimusten mukainen.
  • Pidä kokin keittiö aina puhtaana, samoin kuin kaikki muut henkilökohtaiset tilat.
  • Catering for special events, including children’s school-packed lunches, dinner parties, picnics, or barbecues.

Talon- tai kiinteistönhoitaja vai talo- ja kiinteistönhoitaja?

Today’s modern Estate Manager is yesterday’s Majordomo. Majordomo refers to the highest (major) person of a household (domūs or domicile) staff, the chief of staff who acts on behalf of the owner estates management of a large or significant residence, farm, land or building.

Sometimes referred to as the ‘head butler’, maître d’hôtel, or steward, clients need to recognize the full potential and overall true meaning of what a modern Estate Manager does daily. It includes both property management services and facilities management services.

Estate Manager Functions

Typically, the Estate Manager holds the #1 position in the household and implements the ongoing management of lands, asset management and development aspects of your property and will be flexible, organised, and supremely competent to deal with the development of multiple properties if several exist.

Many will have experience managing multiple residences on smaller country estates, often abroad, giving them valuable international experience. In a large private estate comprising several thousands of acres of land, where the owners live away and visit the home occasionally, the estate manager will often reside on the estate and have overall responsibility for it in every aspect.

Estate Managers are responsible for hiring and training staff and usually oversee ongoing personnel management services. Depending on your specific needs here, some Estate Managers have a more ‘hands-on’ role. Still, their primary roles involve managing, supporting and supervising other residents, household staff and contractors.

Key Duties in Estate Management

  • Handling financial elements such as budgets, payroll, and accounting
  • Interacting with curators, architects, accountants, attorneys, and financial advisers
  • Overseeing maintenance of grounds, transportation, private collections, construction projects and contractors
  • Managing a complex team of staff, tradesmen and professionals
  • Preparing a specific property for your arrival if you have multiple properties
  • Planning and coordinating executive events such as a private dinner or a large, formal gathering


The most successful and competent Estate Managers are well-rounded individuals who possess many skills, a certain depth of knowledge and, of course, prior experience.

At Irving Scott, we seek the following job qualifications when interviewing Estate Managers:

  • University or an industry-specific degree (Hotel Management, for instance)
  • Trained in service for private and hotel environments
  • High level of personal experience with individuals and private families
  • Ability to confront difficult issues and make the right decisions, particularly in relation to staffing and financial matters
  • Understanding the legal and financial aspects of estate
  • Knowledge of luxury items including antiques and fine art
  • Organization and documentation of wine cellar inventory
  • Excellent business skills in the areas of computers, finance, organisation and planning
  • Experience in human resources, team projects, and independent management
  • Resourceful, motivational, creative, intuitive
  • Leadership and negotiating abilities
  • Up-to-date on the use of all relevant communication technology

Why choose Irving Scott

Comprehensive Property Management Solutions

At Irving Scott, we take pride in offering great estate manager who have unparalleled property management services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our dedicated team of professionals excels in providing top-notch estate management solutions, ensuring the seamless operation of your residential properties.

Professional Estate Managers

Our experienced estate managers are committed to overseeing every aspect of your property, from day-to-day operations to long-term planning. As experts in residential property management, they bring a wealth of knowledge to optimize the value and functionality of your estate.

Efficient Service Charges Management

Transparent and efficient, our management services extend to meticulous handling of service charges. We understand the importance of clear financial management, and our team ensures that your property’s financial aspects are managed with precision.

Tailored Cleaning Services

A clean and well-maintained property is crucial for a positive resident experience. Our tailored problem solving estate managers are not only experienced in land management but also experienced in managing cleaning services are designed to uphold the highest standards of hygiene and presentation, enhancing the overall appeal of your residential property.

Client-Centric Management Approach

Irving Scott is dedicated to providing a client-centric estate management service. Our commitment goes beyond routine property management—we strive to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional value.

Comprehensive Property Management Service

Our holistic property management service encompasses a wide range of tasks, including routine maintenance, financial management, and strategic planning. Trust us to handle the complexities of property ownership while you focus on what matters most.

For unrivaled estate management services, choose Irving Scott. Let us take care of your property, ensuring it remains a valuable asset for years to come.

Contact us today to discuss how our expert property/ estate managers can elevate the management of your residential properties.


Candidates who have extensive development experience and longevity in their previous roles. The ability to manage a team well and deal well with pressure, often juggling multiple duties whilst to high standards and remaining professional at all times for smooth running of the estate.

They oversee tradespeople and support the household's ongoing running and service needs. They should be experienced at working for clients with large properties and high-profile families. Responsibilities can differ depending on the formality of the household.

They are typically the most senior staff member unless the family own or manage multiple residences in residential or communal areas of the country, in which case the House Manager would report to the Estate Manager. The role of House Manager can often be combined with Butler duties, thus, experience with silver service is a big benefit when applying for roles.

  • Kotitalouden muun henkilöstön johtaminen

  • Kotitalouskäsikirjan kehittäminen ja päivittäminen

  • Liaising with the Chef on menus

  • Illallisten ja sosiaalisten tapahtumien koordinointi asunnossa

  • Organising maintenance and household contractors at the highest level

  • Varaston pitäminen ja raporttien kirjoittaminen esim. varastot viinikellareissa

  • Kukka-asetelma

  • Muiden henkilökunnan jäsenten kouluttaminen

  • Aikojen varaaminen

  • Henkilökunnan rekrytointi ja haastattelu

  • Being in charge of budgets

  • House-sitting and pet care

  • Ad hoc -tehtävät

Typically a 5 or 6-day working week, 8 am to 6 pm, with some weekend work expected. Flexibility is key in this management role whilst the family is in residence.

Starting salaries range from around £60k per annum, rising to over £100k, depending on skills and experience.

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