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Taloudenhoitaja / kokki

Taloudenhoitaja / kokki

The cornerstone of your domestic team, housekeeper/cook duties encompasses a broad spectrum, providing your household with the necessary support, maintenance, and culinary services.


Managing household chores and preparing meals can be overwhelming in an increasingly fast-paced world where demands on our time and energy are constantly rising. This is where the true marvels of modern-day households step in – the housekeeper/cooks and our housekeeper/cook agency.

From shopping, meal preparation, and menu planning to laundry and cleaning, housekeepers/cooks can accommodate your requests swiftly and effectively, always taking every detail and moment.

Job descriptions between the duties of a housekeeper/cook and that of a personal chef or personal assistant often overlap in modern, 21st-century households, and a successful housekeeper/cook will bring multiple skills and talents to the assignment.

Running errands, making trips to the supermarket, managing the rotation of perishable goods in the pantry and larder, and occasionally providing child-caring duties can be invaluable. You may have a resident nanny, but you will need your housekeeper/cook to step in sometimes to fill an unexpected gap in service.

Housekeepers/cooks are not just cleaners; they are much more than that. They are the ones who tirelessly work behind the scenes, taking care of all housekeeping duties and every detail in your home, including the kitchen, so that you can focus on the more essential things in your life. They are experts in multitasking, ensuring that everything from laundry to grocery shopping to meal preparation is taken care of without a hitch.

Some of the main skills a qualified housekeeper should be proficient in:

  • Delivering a 5-star hotel experience.
  • Asioiden hoitaminen.
  • General trips to the supermarket and stores.
  • Rotation of perishable goods.
  • Lastenhoitotehtävät.
  • Yleiset ruoanlaittotaidot.

Miten ne auttavat

Balancing the demands of daily life, managing household responsibilities, and ensuring nutritious and delicious meals can be an overwhelming endeavour, particularly when your schedule is overflowing with engagements. This is where the expertise of a seasoned housekeeper/cook can make all the difference.

Understandably, no two households are alike. Hence your housekeeper/cook must be able to respond to the unique conditions of your property, family, dietary needs, and domestic arrangements. Housekeepers/cooks do not just clean the house, they keep the house and cook, and there is a wide variety of additional duties encompass the title of 'housekeeper/cook'.

For those seeking a more permanent solution, a live-in housekeeper/cook offers the perfect balance of convenience and professionalism. In this role, these individuals will provide a full range of services permanently, residing in your home to ensure that all responsibilities, including cooking, are attended to around the clock. This is especially beneficial for families with young children, as a live-in housekeeper/cook can provide childcare services, manage household responsibilities, and prepare meals.

For larger households, a domestic couple may be the ideal choice. This includes a highly skilled and experienced housekeeper/cook, along with a house manager who will oversee the overall administration of the household. This comprehensive solution provides the highest level of support and guarantees that all responsibilities, including meal preparations, will be executed to the most impeccable standard.

Hire a housekeeper in London with confidence

As a premier London housekeeper/cook agency, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled service to a discerning clientele. Our reputation as a housekeeper/cook agency of distinction is built upon our unwavering commitment to providing the most highly skilled and experienced personnel to the city's most prestigious private households.

Our team of experts are dedicated to understanding every client's unique needs and preferences, utilising this information to make bespoke matchmaking selections from our illustrious pool of talented service providers.

Our recruitment agency is dedicated to finding the best possible match for each of our clients, and we take great care in our in-depth interview process to identify the unique talents of our personnel. Our personnel are among the most talented in the industry and include experienced housekeepers/cooks, house managers, and a wide range of other skilled professionals. Whether you require a live-in or live-out housekeeper/cook, we have the right personnel to meet your needs. We are proud to offer our esteemed clients the best possible service and take great care in matching our personnel with suitable households.

Whether you are looking for a permanent position or a more flexible arrangement, we are committed to ensuring you receive the high-quality service you deserve. So, if you are looking for a leading housekeeper/cook agency in London, look no further than our team at Irving Scott. As the best agency in the UK with a long history of excellence, we are always here to help you find the right fit for your household and ensure you receive the best possible service.

Experience unmatched housekeeping excellence with Irving Scott

At Irving Scott, we have established ourselves as a purveyor of unparalleled domestic staff recruitment services. Our 10+ years of expertise have allowed us to cultivate a reputation of distinction, renowned for our bespoke approach and meticulous attention to detail. This has resulted in an unparalleled 98.7% customer satisfaction rate among our esteemed clientele.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in our extensive database of over 3,000 premier candidates, each one handpicked and thoroughly vetted to meet our stringent standards. Whether you require the services of a skilled housekeeper, compassionate nanny housekeeper, a seasoned cleaner, or any other domestic professional, rest assured that our housekeeper agency has the acumen to identify the perfect match for your individual household requirements.


Ammattimaisen ja hyvämaineisen kotitalouksien henkilöstötoimiston, kuten Irving Scottin, palveluiden valitseminen voi tuoda monia etuja. Tiukan seulontaprosessimme, perusteellisten referenssitarkistustemme ja laajojen taustatarkistustemme ansiosta voit luottaa siihen, että vain erittäin pätevät ja kokeneet ehdokkaat esitetään sinulle harkittavaksi. Vuosien kokemuksella alalta tarjoamme asiantuntevaa ohjausta ja tukea asiakkaille ja ehdokkaille koko haku- ja rekrytointiprosessin ajan.

Irving Scottin kautta voit palkata laajan valikoiman kotitaloushenkilöstöä tarpeisiisi. Näitä ovat ammattitaitoiset taloudenhoitajat, ammattitaitoiset siivoojat, vaatekaapin hallinnan asiantuntijat, kotimaiset parithenkilökohtaiset avustajatautonkuljettajatlastenhoitajatja muu kotitaloushenkilöstö, jolla on erityistaitoja. Toimistomme tarjoaa räätälöidyn palvelun, jonka avulla löydät oikean kodin henkilökunnan tarpeisiisi. Tarvitsetpa kokopäiväistä tai osa-aikaista henkilökuntaa, live-in tai live-out -henkilöstöä, voimme tarjota sinulle täydellisen ehdokkaan tarpeisiisi.

Kyllä taloudenhoitajat we recruit are typically highly experienced and qualified professionals with a strong track record of providing exceptional service to households. At Irving Scott, we have a rigorous screening process that thoroughly assesses a candidate's qualifications and experience. We also conduct detailed reference checks to verify a candidate's work history and reputation in the industry.

Tämä on yksittäisen kotitalouden päätettävissä, mutta suurin osa tekee. Taloudenhoitajat käyttävät usein tyylikästä mustavalkoista asua.

Taloudenhoitaja vastaa kotitalousasioista, ja hänellä on joukko velvollisuuksia, joihin kuuluu siivoustehtävien valvonta, jotka yleensä suorittavat omistautunut henkilökunta. Siivooja puolestaan keskittyy yksinomaan kotitalouden siivoustehtäviin.

Toimistossamme pyrimme tarjoamaan arvostetuille asiakkaillemme nopeaa ja tehokasta palvelua heidän tarpeisiinsa täydellisen taloudenhoitajan löytämisessä. Taloudenhoitajan löytämisen aikajana Lontoosta voi vaihdella työn ja sijainnin erityisvaatimuksista riippuen. Vaikka työskentelemme ahkerasti löytääksemme sinulle oikean ehdokkaan mahdollisimman lyhyessä ajassa, tietyt pyynnöt (esim. asuu talonhoitaja tai asuu ulos taloudenhoitaja) ja sijainnit saattaa vaatia pidemmän etsinnän.

Brexitin, Covidin ja Ukrainan konfliktin kolminkertaisen sivuvaikutuksen vuoksi. Lisäksi maailmanlaajuinen inflaatio nostaa hintoja ja nostaa siten palkkatoive kotihenkilöstöstä kautta linjan.

Tämä verkkosivusto käyttää evästeitä parantaakseen verkkokokemustasi.