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In the vibrant and challenging realm of private household and office management, an executive assistant is indispensable, playing a pivotal role in upholding an efficient operation.


An Executive Assistant (EA) in a private household, distinct from a typical administrative assistant, is seen as a more senior role with extended responsibilities. The job description regularly includes duties ranging from handling intricate details of personal affairs to event planning, sorting out travel arrangements and overseeing administrative staff as the household team leader and facilitator.

The role of a Senior Executive Assistant may even require a certain level of control and ownership over household operations, requiring an excellent understanding of most important aspects of home management, robust project management and coordination skills, and often specialised qualifications in events planning, estate management, or hospitality.

The Role of an Executive Assistant

The core skills required of an EA in a private household can be broadly outlined as follows: Serving as the first point of contact for interactions within the household. Handling a variety of correspondence and calls in a professional and timely manner. Supporting the client’s extensive network.

Reporting to finance and payroll managers. Handling staff holidays and other absences. Being able to anticipate any type of priority. Writing and contributing to reports on household management, duties, projects and expenses.

Establishing communication channels between staff, suppliers, service providers, and family members. Organising and maintaining schedules, arranging appointments, and coordinating social events. Coordinating travel plans, including holiday preparations and logistics.

Tracking essential dates and events and providing timely reminders. Drafting letters, creating event plans, and managing household budgeting. Preserving and managing digital files and home security systems. Conducting research into areas of interest or concern for the household or personal needs.

The necessary skills and training for an EAcandidate hoping to enter a private household encompass several attributes: absolute discretion and trustworthiness, ability to maintain composure under pressure, and exceptional interpersonal skills, among others.

  • Acting as a first point of contact with the principal.
  • Dealing with correspondence and phone calls.
  • Liaising with staff, suppliers, purveyors and clients.
  • Keeping agendas and diaries, organising meetings and appointments.
  • Arranging travel plans, speaking engagements, and social appearances.
  • Keeping track and reminding client of important deadlines, dates and appointments.
  • Preparing reports, presentations and correspondence.
  • Composing correspondence and maintaining computer files and systems.
  • Researching areas of interest or concern for a client’s business or personal needs.

Skills and Qualities of a Great Private Household Executive Assistant

  • Discretion and trustworthiness, as being privy to confidential information demands.
  • Ability to compartmentalise and put aside personal needs at times.
  • Staying calm when working under pressure.
  • Flexibility and adaptability, comfortable performing tasks on an impromptu basis.
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Organisational and multi-tasking skills with high-level of efficiency.
  • Proactive self-starters with the ability to motivate others.
  • Tact and diplomacy with good critical thinking ability.
  • Computer and digital tech savvy, able to master new technologies.

Why Affluent Families Need a Private Household Executive Assistant

Affluent families often lead extremely busy lives, with professional commitments and personal responsibilities. They rely on private household executive assistants for various reasons:

Time Efficiency

These assistants save the homeowners considerable time and money by taking care of numerous administrative household tasks, allowing them to focus on their careers, families, and personal lives.

Personalized Service

Private household executive assistants offer personalised service, ensuring that the household is managed according to the specific preferences and needs of the homeowners.

Stress Reduction

With the complexities of maintaining a private household, private household executive assistants can reduce the stress and demands on the homeowners.

Access to Expertise

These professionals often have specialised skills in household management, finance, and resources, event planning, and hospitality, making them valuable assets to affluent families.

Streamlined Processes

Private household executive assistants use their organizational skills and expertise to streamline processes, which can result in significant cost savings for the homeowners.

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Challenges and Opportunities in the Field

The field of private household executive assistants presents unique challenges and different types of tasks, skill sets, and opportunities, which can vary depending on the specific household and its needs.

Maintaining Privacy

Maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of the homeowners is a critical challenge, as these assistants often have access to personal documents and sensitive information.

Skill Diversification

Diversifying one’s education and skill set can open up opportunities for private household executive assistants. Learning about technology, security, or specialised cuisine can enhance their value.


The demands of managing a full office and private household can lead to burnout, making work-life balance a challenge that requires careful consideration.

Career Advancement

Private household executive assistants have opportunities for career advancement, potentially becoming Household Managers or Chief of Staff within a household or transitioning to similar roles in different settings.

The benefits of hiring an Executive Assistant

Employing an Executive Assistant (EA) can yield a multitude of advantages for both you and your household. These distinguished team members occupy a distinctive and privileged position within any home, where they create harmony and streamline domestic operations.

As a result, Executive Assistants (EAs) emerge as some of the most versatile and adaptable individuals within the private domestic staffing sector. They actively identify needs, requisites and opportunities, thus ensuring all household objectives are smoothly met.

In this light, the EA’s traditional role can be perceived not merely as a guardian of household tranquility but as a steward of time. A judicious choice in an EA can grant you the gift of time and optimise all domestic resources invested in.

Furthermore, an astute EA can make cost savings by managing travel, events, and harnessing technology to streamline processes significantly for the financial benefits for the household.

A high-caliber Executive Assistant, ever the chameleon, must adroitly shift their focus between nurturing and sustaining household culture, initiating employee recognition and well-being programs, managing internal communications, overseeing specific projects themselves, and setting out the next steps.

All of these are handled with the same deftness as their more traditional, administrative tasks and functions, including diary management, event coordination, and logistical travel arrangements.

Far from a mere “luxury” position, a trusted EA is firmly established as indispensable to the success of the executive team and the broader estate.

By investing in Executive Assistants (EAs), our clients welcome a fully-fledged member of the household, adept at functioning under immense pressure and skilled in ensuring a happy home.

Recruit An Executive Assistant

The quest for an outstanding Executive Assistant commences with grasping their aspirations. What do they seek to achieve in their role? By aligning your offering with their preferences, you can craft an attractive package for ambitious EAs who perhaps prefer to work in a private home rather than a City office.

Here are some of the top tips on the key requirements to consider before recruiting to hire an executive assistant:

The Allure of Fair Compensation

Competitive compensation remains a paramount consideration when luring top candidates. Our candidates are increasingly drawn to comprehensive benefits packages, prioritising perks over a simple cash equivalent.

To entice top-tier talent, it is essential to ensure that the salary you propose not only meets but exceeds those offered in the job market. Consider the addition of an annual discretionary bonus and periodic salary reviews to sweeten the deal further.

Embrace Flexibility

In the modern workforce landscape, EAs are increasingly in search of employers who offer flexibility in their working arrangements. The option of flexible work schedules fosters healthier, more productive work habits and plays a pivotal role in minimising staff turnover.

Hence, when seeking the right person to recruit as an Executive Assistant, it is wise to consider your company’s stance on flexible work arrangements.

Provide Training and Development:

Training and development is of paramount importance for ensuring smooth and efficient assistance. EA’s play a crucial role in maintaining order, managing schedules, and providing essential support to the family.

Proper training equips them with the necessary skills in areas such as organization, time management, communication, and understanding family dynamics. It also helps them stay updated with the latest technologies, ideas and trends in home management.

As household needs can vary widely from one family to another, ongoing personal development ensures that these assistants can adapt and excel in their roles, ultimately contributing to the overall well-being and satisfaction of the household they serve.

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Household Executive Assistant Recruitment Agencies

In the quest for a proficient Executive Assistant, it becomes paramount to seek out a specialised recruitment agency tailored to cater to your needs. This choice ensures that your point of contact is a seasoned recruitment consultant well-versed in the nuances of executive assistant recruitment.

The benefits of collaborating with a top-tier Executive Assistant (EA) recruitment agency are manifold; for example, it can make the distinction between a taxing and a gratifying hiring process. In fact, with the right agency, you might not need to look further.

Are you in search of an executive assistant but require assistance in unearthing and interviewing the perfect candidate? Allow us to discuss and illuminate the reasons why engaging an Executive Assistant recruitment agency is the wisest course of action forward.

The Power of Specialisation

Choosing an agency that specialises in Executive Assistant recruitment, rather than a general one, offers a plethora of advantages. These specialised agencies possess an intimate understanding of the EA role and the precise skill set demanded for the position you aim to fill.

The role of an EA can significantly vary between our clients, contingent on the unique needs, budgets, and expectations of the individuals they provide support to. Collaborating with an agency well-versed in the Executive Assistant landscape guarantees that your requisites will be comprehensively met, and you’ll secure top-tier talent for your family.

Specialist agencies boast an extensive database teeming with high-caliber candidates. Their stringent vetting process ensures that you receive a higher quality of CVs compared to those sourced through direct applications or general recruitment agencies.

They invest the time to comprehend potential candidates’ core skills, prior and current roles, career motivations, and expectations from a new position and family. Partnering with a specialist EA agency alleviates the legwork and risk involved in your recruitment quest and expedites the hiring process.

A dedicated Executive Assistant recruitment agency also equips you with accurate salary information and typically provides an annual salary survey.

Reviews and Track Record

When selecting an Executive Assistant recruitment agency, perusing Google reviews can serve as an invaluable guide to assess the candidate and client experience. Additionally, reviews, testimonials, and case studies from past positions can offer insights into the agency’s reputation and credibility. Favorable reviews from EAs and clients are indicative of a successful agency.

Alignment with Values

Researching a recruitment agency’s stated values on their website provides a glimpse into their mission, commitment, ethics, operational approach, and objectives when working with candidates, businesses and clients. Seeing whether the agency values and your own align can be a determining factor in your decision.

Active Social Media Channels

A recruitment agency’s active engagement on social media platforms demonstrates their commitment to going the extra mile. Offering advice and support to the Executive Assistant community and championing the EA profession indicates an agency’s dedication.

Look for best recruitment agencies that provide additional value, such as workshops for candidates or added features like psychometric testing or a guarantee of a free replacement should a placed candidate depart within six months. Agencies that contribute to the EA community are likely to go above and beyond in securing the ideal EA for your household.

Peer Recommendations

Seeking input from your professional network can yield valuable insights into the reputation of the agency you’re considering. Hiring managers within your network may have encountered the agency previously and can provide an honest assessment based on their experience.

Recruiters and agencies often maintain a strong social presence, making it easier to gather information about their reputation and whether other companies would endorse their services.

At Irving Scott, our referrals constitute a significant portion of our business. Over 80% of our clients come to us through recommendations from previous partners, emphasizing the importance of reputation when selecting an agency to recruit a new EA for your enterprise.

Arrange an Introductory Meeting

Finally, consider inviting the agency to present their services either in person or through a virtual meeting. This gives the agency an opportunity to demonstrate the value they bring, share insights on the available talent pool, the current market dynamics, and any additional services that might be of interest.

A well-prepared presentation showcases the agency’s commitment and dedication to identifying the most suitable candidates and talented EA candidates for each job description and to right fit and suit your needs.

We firmly believe in face-to-face meetings with our clients whenever possible. This interaction allows us to grasp their requirements, expectations for the new Executive Assistant, personalities and insight into their personal circumstances. These insights inform right decisions in our search for an EA who seamlessly integrates into the home from day one.

Executive Assistant (EA) Recruitment in London and the UK

For households in London or other parts of the UK seeking exceptional executive assistant talent, it is advisable to engage executive assistant recruitment agencies with a strong local network. London and UK-based recruitment agencies possess specialised knowledge and networks that expedite the candidate search, saving you time and effort in the hiring process.

With decades of experience in our London and UK offices, we possess a deep understanding of what defines an outstanding Executive Assistant for a private household. We are well-equipped to assist you in locating exceptional Executive Assistants for either permanent roles or short-term positions.

Overall, turning to Irving Scott for your private Executive Assistant search can be a smart move. By working with an experienced recruitment agency, you can be confident that you will find the right executive assistant candidate for your household more efficiently and effectively.

Hire The Perfect Executive Assistant With Irving Scott

Whether full-time or part-time, these dedicated professionals manage the daily tasks and responsibilities that come with high-profile lifestyles. This not only guarantees the smooth execution of personal tasks but also allows clients to concentrate on their professional commitments or personal pursuits.

Engage the Services of an Exceptional Executive Assistant for permanent EA roles with Irving Scott. At Irving Scott, we pride ourselves on offering premium domestic staffing solutions in London and UK.

Our esteemed agency is distinguished by its specialisation in providing high-quality, experienced and professional executive assistants for private households.

We understand the importance of your role and are ready to connect you with an executive assistant who will meet and exceed your expectations. The perfect executive assistant for your private household is just a phone call away with Irving Scott.

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Domande frequenti

We embrace holistic development and support for employees with the aim of being a first-choice employer within our sectors. Transitioning from corporate to private is managed with great skill by our team of recruiters.

Somebody who is resourceful and proactive and doesn’t need much supervision and just gets on with the task at hand. They can be highly demanding roles so it is vital to be able to stay calm under pressure.

UN PA's role is mainly administrative tasks, whilst an EA will partake in many of the same duties, but their role is more strategic, they act as the right-hand person to the principal and can fill in for some of their duties. After gaining experience, a PA can transition into becoming an EA.

Certainly, you have the option to hire a personal assistant on either a full-time or part-time basis. We offer an extensive range of personal assistants in our vast database, including both part-time and full-time options.

For maximum scheduling adaptability, opt for a full-time candidate who can adjust their working hours and pay according to your fluctuating requirements each week. Conversely, part-time candidates generally need a predetermined schedule and a minimum number of guaranteed weekly hours.

The salaries for personal assistants and executive assistants in the UK vary depending on experience, location, and specific responsibilities. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Working with a prestigious domestic staffing agency like Irving Scott offers a wealth of advantages when seeking to hire a personal assistant or executive assistant who are vetted through a rigorous screening process.

Catering to an exclusive clientele, Irving Scott ensures a high level of professionalism, discretion, and tailored service to meet the exacting needs of its distinguished clients. Here are some of the key benefits of partnering with Irving Scott for EA hire:

  1. Expertise and experience: With a proven track record in the luxury domestic staffing market, Irving Scott possesses unparalleled knowledge and insight into the needs of discerning clients. Our experienced consultants have an in-depth understanding of the qualities required in an executive assistant to seamlessly integrate into your household.

  2. Bespoke service: Irving Scott prides itself on providing a personalised, bespoke service that caters to the unique preferences and requirements of each individual client. From the initial consultation to the final placement, we take the time to understand your specific needs and meticulously match candidates to ensure a harmonious working relationship.

  3. Extensive network: As a leading domestic staffing agency, Irving Scott has access to an extensive and exclusive network of exceptional candidates. Our rigorous selection process ensures that only the most qualified and experienced professionals are introduced to their clients, providing a level of assurance in the quality of the candidates.

  4. Confidentiality and discretion: Irving Scott maintains the utmost confidentiality and discretion throughout the entire recruitment process. We understand the importance of privacy for their high-profile clients and handle all communications and interactions with great sensitivity and care.

  5. Time-saving and efficient: Partnering with Irving Scott allows you to focus on your business or personal commitments while they take care of the time-consuming aspects of recruitment. Their expertise in matching the right candidate to your unique needs saves you valuable time and effort, ensuring that you find the perfect executive assistant without unnecessary inconvenience.

  6. Satisfaction guarantee: To ensure complete satisfaction, Irving Scott offers a guarantee period for its placements. In the unlikely event that a candidate does not meet your expectations, we will work tirelessly to find a suitable replacement at no additional cost.

Engaging the services of a distinguished domestic staffing agency like Irving Scott offers a myriad of advantages for affluent clients seeking the perfect executive assistant. Our expertise, industry-leading domestic staffing services, and commitment to excellence make us the ideal choice for those seeking the very best in domestic staffing solutions for their family and home.

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