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Housekeeper in London

Housekeeper in London

Irving Scott employs only the most qualified live-in and live-out housekeepers, all of whom have extensive knowledge of high-end residential settings and are fully capable of handling a wide range of housekeeping responsibilities, from daily cleaning and laundry to cooking and upholstery steaming.

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Commitment. Diligence. Excellence with Housekeeper in London

It's only fitting to treat a beautiful Housekeeper in London property with the utmost respect and affection. Nothing should be rushed or overlooked. For this reason, Irving Scott employs only the most qualified live-in and live-out staff, all of whom have extensive knowledge of high-end residential settings and are fully capable of handling a wide range of housekeeping responsibilities, from daily cleaning and laundry to cooking and upholstery steaming.

The system Irving Scott has put in place for following up with clients is unrivalled. Every member of our team has received extensive training in the art of cultivating an atmosphere of mutual respect between management and staff. We keep in touch with our respected clients on a routine basis after we've established a placement. Most importantly, our commitment to privacy and discretion is something we have always been proud of.

London's #1 Housekeeper Staffing Agency

Housekeeping is a job that requires absolute trust and commitment. Furthermore, it is common knowledge that each dwelling is unique and so requires either a singular person or a group of people with specific skills and experience to ensure its upkeep. To ensure success, we carefully take into account all of the specifications of our clients private households and then match each residence with the most qualified applicant.

In order to offer you with the best possible care and foster lasting relationships with your family, Irving Scott only recommends the hardest working and most well trained experts for your homes. Our handpicked housekeeping staff give their all to each and every cleaning assignment. We can offer candidates for the following positions:

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Executive Housekeeper in London

They handle the day-to-day upkeep of your property and can act as a liaison between you and housekeeping staff. They can also oversee a modest housekeeping team and instruct new staff in your preferred cleaning procedures.

Housekeeper / Laundress

Someone who takes care of your entire household, from cleaning to laundry. They operate like your very own in-house dry cleaners.

Housekeeper / Cooks

Someone who performs all the duties of a regular housekeeper but also has an interest in cooking and is responsible for preparing all the meals for the family. They will look after the home and keep it in pristine condition.

Housekeeper / Nanny

Someone who cleans your home on a regular basis and also helps with childcare tasks. Their work may involve preparing simple meals, helping with the kids' morning and/or nighttime routines, taking them places they need to go, and much more.

House Manager

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We at Irving Scott will spare no effort in finding your family the ideal professional. We have complete faith in our capacity to find the most qualified individual for the job at hand through our rigorous screening, interviewing, and background checking procedures.

To ensure the well-being of our clients and the security of their properties, we only work with the most reliable and trustworthy domestic staff.

We are aware of how challenging it may be to find a housekeeper in the capital who is suitable for your family as well as your individual requirements. Because of this, our meticulous screening process makes certain that we offer you a selection of the very best housekeepers from which to choose.

Our personally-vetted candidates are selected based on specialist skills (e.g. cooking skills, cleaning skills, laundry skills etc.), years of experience, housekeeping duties they can perform, and current employment situation. The thoroughness of our interview process and background check contributes an additional layer of security, allowing you to feel confidence in your decision to hire from Irving Scott.

Live-In Or Live-Out

As the most reputable housekeeping staffing agency in the capital, we screen a wide range of candidates, each of whom brings a special set of capabilities and experience to the table. Our recruitment agency can find you a live-in housekeeper, a live-out housekeeper, head housekeeper, or a housekeeper who specialises in a particular set of skills, no matter what kind of housekeeping arrangement you require.

Full-Time or Part-Time

At Irving Scott, we provide a diverse selection of staff who are available to work anywhere from 20 to 40 or more hours a week to ensure that your residence receives comprehensive care. Simply ask whether you require full-time or part-time housekeeper, or even multiple-time basis to ensure that your requirements are met.

All of our part-time and full-time housekeepers have gone through a rigorous screening process and come highly recommended. Within the domestic staffing sector, our candidates have a stellar reputation for honesty and hard effort.

Experts In Staffing

Through the solid connections we have established in the areas we serve, Irving Scott is able to provide skilled and experienced staff to a diverse array of properties in the capital. Irving Scott relies on its extensive recruiting networks, which have been developed through over 20 years of expertise in domestic staffing. 


Unlike other agencies, our expansive network means that we can meet your hushållning staffing requirements no matter the season of the year. So whether you want someone to live out or live in on a permanent contract or a short-term contract, we can provide the ideal kandidater for your domestic staff by adhering to very high standards we have set over the years.

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