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Working for the Windsors

As well connected as the Royal Family undoubtedly is, the Windsors are savvy enough to keep an eye out for the best candidates for key roles in their households. As one of the elite recruitment services providers for high profile clients, Irving Scott has a portfolio that interests royal recruiters. We, like our candidates, provide a service fit for a queen!

What skills do the Windsors seek?

In a household where protocol must be observed and etiquette is strict, suitable qualifications that demonstrate knowledge in this area is a prerequisite to any selection procedure. Outstanding career-specific training is an obvious asset. It goes without saying that Royal butlers will have studied at butler school; Royal nannies are only recruited from Norland. Working for the Windsors allows successful candidates to become experts in their chosen field, from footman, to Royal Horological conservationist, to groom. Roles are strictly observed and there is little need for multi-tasking or transferable skills.

Dream job

Appreciative of the role the Royal Family plays in popular imagination, recruiters for vacancies at the Household are aware of star-struck applicants. Working for the Windsors is indeed a dream job, for those who have shown exceptional talent in their professional service career thus far.

Am I the right fit?

If you are comfortable obeying your superiors and have a deep respect for authority, the answer is yes.

The Windsors are equal opportunities employers who lead by example.

Applicants from both sexes are considered for roles traditionally considered to be male, such as a butler, or female, such as a nanny. Some of the roles being recruited for receive comment in the press, largely due to the fact that they sound so archaic and other-worldly. Although candidates from all walks of life are encouraged to apply for positions they believe themselves to be suited to, it goes without saying that those applicants that come through an agency like Irving Scott usually prosper further.


Depending on the position applied for, employees can expect a clothing allowance, subsidised accommodation, a competitive pension scheme and ongoing investment in individual training.


References are required for applying for any position offered by the Royal Household and references will be supplied by them upon parting company. Royal employees are bound by strict confidentiality measures concerning their positions. Nevertheless the Windsors have a policy of providing references for ex-employees that can often enhance their future career.