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UK Nanny Jobs

If you decide be a UK nanny, you must be clear about exactly where you want to work.  Do you like the buzz of a big city or do you prefer the peace and calm of the countryside?  Do you want to stay near your family and friends or are you looking for a whole new experience? The life of a metropolitan London nanny is certainly very different to that of a rural nanny in Scotland or even an Oxford nanny, an Essex nanny or a Surrey nanny.  Being clear about your nanny needs will almost guarantee a nanny position that suits you.

UK nanny families can, of course, be quite different from French, Italian or American families.  Nannies have often remarked that UK nanny families are among the most exacting and demanding employers.  Other common qualities  include reserve, privacy, excessive politeness and difficulty in sharing their homes.  Their children tend to be less spoilt than other nationalities and are often surprisingly well-disciplined.  But these are all generalisations and you may equally find yourself in the heart of a warm, chaotic and easy going household.