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Houseman services

At the helm of your household’s management is your Houseman, who can navigate the needs of servicing your household business and estate with an efficient, skilled touch and superior abilities in maintenance, installation, servicing and repairs.


With this skill and an intuitive understanding of what makes your household unique and the essential elements and equipment required to maintain its high standards of care, your Housemen is a wise hire and attentive staff member.

At Irving Scott, we seek and only hire and retain exceptional individuals who are highly trained and adept at managing large, high-profile households. By assisting with all housekeeping duties, gardening, fogging, deep cleaning, plumbing, maintenance (both interior and exterior), and dealings with all other estate amenities (swimming pools, tennis courts, saunas), a qualified Houseman will ensure that every facet of your estate and your domestic life runs to the highest standard.

A Houseman is generally employed for the cleaning, maintenance, and other general work inside and outside of the home. Essential functions of the job include:

  • Cleaning the interior and exterior of the home can include heavy housework, such as cleaning floors and garages, vacuuming, polishing silver, accepting heavy deliveries and moving furniture and other items.
  • Ensuring that grounds and exteriors are clean.
  • Performing minor household repairs and assisting other staff members if needed.
  • Keeping property free of trash and pests and handling waste and recycling.
  • Maintaining gardens, mowing, watering plants, cleaning windows, paths and steps.
  • Raking gravel and leaves, jet-spraying exterior walls and windowsills and outdoor furniture.
  • Valeting cars, driving to meetings, shopping, running errands, airport and the school run.
  • Assisting with serving at dinners looking after swimming pools, saunas, gyms and hot tubs.
  • Maintaining household appliances and other tools in working order.
  • Washing windows, walls and ceilings as needed.
  • Setting up furniture and structures for parties and events.
  • Scheduling laundry services, room service, or newspaper delivery.
  • Identifying and reporting maintenance issues and coordinating appropriate responses.

Ideal Qualities

  • Proficiency in a second language could be advantageous if serving an international clientele or working with staff members whose native language is not English.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Good communication skills and manners.
  • Ability to stay on their feet for much of the day and lift heavy objects such as furniture or luggage.
  • Ability to handle the daily duties in a residence, ensure the smooth and orderly running of a residency to fill in for the housekeeper if they call in sick, and watch the children or assist the chef in preparation and serving for a formal dinner party.
  • Ability to care for a residence’s grounds, including the main entry area of the house and the walkways.

Why Choose Irving Scott for Hiring Houseman?

At Irving Scott, we understand the importance of a well-run home and the role a houseman plays in achieving this. We ensure that every houseman we recommend is highly trained, proficient in their duties, and fits perfectly with your household. Our housemen are not just staff; they are part of your home, helping your property maintain its unique character and high standards of care.

If you're looking for a qualified houseman for hire, contact Irving Scott to explore our skilled house professionals and find the perfect fit for your household.


Часто задаваемые вопросы

A houseman is a male housekeeper. Often, a houseman's services are sought after for cultural reasons or for more physically demanding roles than cleaning.

Our housemen are carefully selected and undergo a rigorous screening process. They typically have experience in the hospitality or private service industry and may have specific skills in housekeeping, equipment maintenance, plumbing or other related areas of expertise.

We conduct thorough background checks, including criminal and reference checks, to ensure the trustworthiness of our housemen кандидаты. Our full search and selection process includes interviews and skill assessments to identify the best candidates.

Housemen at Irving Scott perform a wide range of duties, with services including cleaning, laundry, gardening, pet care, disinfection, checking water hygiene, household maintenance услуги, shopping and running errands tailored to your specific needs.

Yes, all the candidates for our housemen undergo extensive background checks and provide references to the company to guarantee their credibility, expertise and reliability.

Pricing can vary depending on the specific services required and the duration of the engagement. We offer competitive rates and are happy to provide a personalized quote upon request. Please get in touch with us for more information.

We provide our services to customers worldwide.

Yes, we strive to match our customers and clients with the most suitable housemen for clients based on their preferences and needs. Please let us know your requirements, and we will do our best to get a qualified houseman to accommodate your request.

For further information, call us at +44 (0) 7801 44 86 04 or by email at [email protected]. Our team is available to assist you with any inquiries or requests for services you may have. Also, you can contact us here.

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