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Household Staff in Abu Dhabi
Let us help you match perdect staff.

We are the premier household staffing agency providing domestic staff in the United Arab Emirates.

We understand the unique needs of discerning individuals and families residing in Abu Dhabi.

Our exceptional vetting service, staff, and clientele set us apart from other agencies. We believe that perfect compatibility between clients and staff is achieved through a meticulous and personalised approach. Our thorough process involves assessing references, conducting in-depth interviews, and evaluating candidates' skills and experience to ensure a perfect match for your household.

We take pride in ensuring that the private staff placed in your household are not only the best in their field but also possess the character and temperament that harmonise with your family's values and lifestyle, fostering a lasting and positive relationship.

Our commitment lies in pairing households with individuals who demonstrate adaptability, a strong work ethic, and a genuine passion for their roles, ensuring seamless integration into their new environments. Catering to a wide range of preferences, we accommodate requests for both junior and senior staff, live-in or live-out arrangements, and various other combinations. We understand that each household is unique, and with our expertly matched staff, yours will achieve unparalleled success and harmony.

We carefully select and vet each candidate to ensure seamless integration into your household, estate, or yacht. At Irving Scott Abu Dhabi, our goal is to help you create the perfect environment where luxury, comfort, and sophistication come together, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - enjoying the beautiful surroundings and exceptional lifestyle that Abu Dhabi has to offer.

Найди мой идеальный персонал

    Это полностью зависит от того, сколько часов в неделю кандидат будет работать у вас. Мы будем рады обсудить с вами правила найма домашнего персонала или проконсультироваться с вашим налоговым консультантом. налоговый консультант.

    We would highly recommend that you implement staff insurance for your chosen household staff candidate, when hiring in Abu Dhabi. Whilst it rarely needs to be claimed upon, it is a responsible approach that affords great peace of mind.

    As a household staff agency in Abu Dhabi, we understand that hiring domestic staff is about discovering the best match for you.