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Дворецкий напрокат

Дворецкий с постоянным проживанием на постоянной основе для VIP-квартиры в Кенсингтоне, периодические поездки

We are hiring a dedicated and highly skilled Butler for a VIP family household located in the prestigious Kensington area of London. The position calls for an individual who is prepared to undertake occasional travel as part of the family’s needs, complementing an existing team of professional butlers within a grand Grade II listed residence.

Job Responsibilities:

The Butler will ensure superior standards of service for the family and their esteemed guests, along with:

  • Managing welcoming procedures and maintaining a meticulous presence at the home’s entrance.
  • Overseeing the upkeep of all service and principal areas, ensuring optimal standards and operational flows.
  • Anticipating and addressing the principal’s requirements for a comfortable and personalised living environment.
  • Collaborating with the in-house team to deliver exceptional service standards.
  • Liaising with kitchen staff for all food and beverage requisitions.
  • Handling purchasing, stock management, and inventory checks.
  • Assisting with day-to-day operations within the kitchen and service areas (serving, clearing, washing, polishing, sorting, spot cleaning).
  • Facilitating trip planning and packing/unpacking for the principals.
  • Conducting service at Principal-hosted events and functions, while coordinating with event planners.
  • Overseeing the daily arrangement of children’s school items and the management of the principal’s daily supplements and medicines.
  • Ensuring the comfort and wellbeing of the family pets.
  • Undertaking ad-hoc duties as requested by the family.

Working Arrangements and Benefits:

The position is 7 days per week on a one week on and one week off basis, working  7am to 9pm but often you start later and finish earlier.

Holiday entitlement includes 20 days of annual leave plus English Bank and Public Holidays, with additional leave for extra work days. The role commands an annual salary of £45,000, plus the opportunity for an annual bonus at the company’s discretion, and enrolment into the workplace pension scheme.

Ideal Candidate Profile:

  • Flexibility with working hours and adaptability to change.
  • UK or EU passport, in readiness for occasional travel.
  • Fluent spoken and written English.
  • Immaculate presentation skills.
  • Proficiency in Word and Excel.
  • Non-smoker (preferred).
  • Possessing an attentive, patient, proactive, discreet, trustworthy, and self-assured demeanour.

Join our team and take pride in a role that requires a keen eye for detail, a commitment to excellence, and the capacity to go the extra mile when required. This is an exciting opportunity to play a pivotal part in a close-knit, professional household team within a grand and historic London home. Apply now and step into a world where your expertise is highly valued.

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