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Калькулятор налога на домашний персонал

Calculate how domestic staffing taxation works.

From salary to pocket – Translating earnings in the household staffing employment scene with our Staff Tax Calculator

There is no disguising that salary is often a key consideration when candidates apply for positions through Irving Scott. To help potential domestic, private, and household staff hopefuls determine their likely earnings, we have incorporated this Domestic Staff Tax Calculator to help provide a clear picture from the outset. What must be remembered when considering applying for a private service position are the perks which come with the position.

For example, the employer covers the numerous financial benefits of taking a live-in role as a nanny, butler, chef or household manager such as all housing expenses, food costs and often private vehicle expenditures. However, candidates are still keen to discover what their take-home salary will be so as to make a calculated career decision bearing all factors in mind.

Наш Domestic Staff tax calculator works by breaking down the candidate’s gross salary details. The salary is quoted in sterling and the calculations refer to positions offered within the United Kingdom.

The tool takes into consideration the tax year, the percentage of student loans that the contributor is repaying, the age of candidates, and whether they have special needs and then uses the gross salary per year quote in relation to the position as the starting point for laying out the guidelines. All positions on our books are quoted as gross.

So, for example, as outlined in our Salary guide, a chef could expect to be offered between £45,000 and £110,000 per annum. If we were to seek a chef at the starting salary, he or she could work out the net amount in their account by tapping in their details to our household staff salary calculator. An average applicant is aged under 65 and is paying off a student loan from a course studied before 2012. This is what he or she can expect after tax:

The Domestic Staff tax calculator is only one part of the picture. We are happy to discuss salary expectations with candidates and provide advice about moving up the earnings ladder.

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Irving Scott takes the long view of your career and is here to help you make the right move.

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