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Nanny agency? Why you should use one.

There is nothing more precious than your child and this is why you should certainly use an expert nanny agency. Agencies provide a service that massively increases the chance that your child gets a safe, secure, experienced, skilled, suitable and honest nanny. Attempting to hire a nanny directly can be a horrendous can of worms and will involve hours of emails, interviews, knowledge of criminal checks, visas, nanny tax, first aid courses and a myriad of qualification and cv checking. Many parents try to hire a nanny direct and then give up, having wasted weeks of work!

Child Welfare & Nanny Welfare

Only deal with experienced and/or qualified nannies – those with a serious training course qualification and one year of childcare experience or a minimum of two years childcare experience. We inspect original copies of all qualifications and certificates and/or run adequate checks with previous employers and colleges. The qualifications that are valid in this scheme:

  • Diploma in Childcare & Education (NNEB)
  • BTEC in Child Studies/Nursery Nursing
  • CACHE Certificate in Childcare & Education
  • GNVQ Level 2 or above in Early Years Childcare & Education
  • Advanced Diploma in Childcare & Education (equivalent to a Master’s Degree)
  • Diploma from The Norland Nanny College
  • The Princess Christian College
  • The Chiltern Nursery Training College
  • Montessori Teaching & Childcare Diploma

Or the equivalent from other countries that have a strong nanny culture such as Australia, New Zealand, The United States, Canada or France. These courses must cover the same subjects and training, and be of equal integrity and duration.

First Aid for Nanny: a GNAG Recommended Nanny Agency will verify whether or not the nanny candidate has a First Aid qualification. If not, before employment commences, it will help arrange an appropriate First Aid Course for the new nanny (this may be paid for by the nanny, parent or agency).

Suitability of Nanny: It is the policy of GNAG Recommended Agencies to put forward only those candidates who are suited to the nanny job in question. In terms of personality, qualifications and experience, meeting the needs of the baby/child are the primary objective.

Nanny Criminal/ DBS Checks: a GNAG Recommended Nanny Agency guarantees that all nannies placed will have had an Enhanced Disclosure from Criminal Records Bureau underway before commencement of employment in the nanny job. If a candidate has not lived in the UK for at least 6 months, they must have an up-to-date equivalent check from their country of origin or most recent residence (if having lived there for at least 5 years). Once the nanny has been in the UK for 6 months, (s)he is then required to complete an Enhanced Disclosure from the UK Criminal Records Bureau, regardless of having completed one in his/her home country.

Nanny Identity Checks: a GNAG Recommended Nanny Agency demands a minimum of two identity documents from nanny candidates prior to employment – these may include passport, driving licence, birth certificate, utility bills, work permits and visas.

Nanny Reference Checks: GNAG Recommended Nanny Agencies thoroughly check with at least two references to confirm a candidate’s competence, suitability and trustworthiness for a nanny job. Reference checking entails two verbal conversations with referees (even if they have furnished the candidate with a written reference). Verbal reference checks grant parents the privacy to disclose the full details of their experience with the nanny, which a written reference does not. The point of these conversations is to verify the validity of a nanny’s employment, to glean a better sense of his/her disposition, and if all checks out, place her appropriately with a family.

Professional Nanny Standards

Nanny Employment Contracts: GNAG Recommended Nanny Agencies help, if required, with the provision of a suitable contract of employment between parents and nannies.

Nanny Agency Insurance: GNAG Recommended Nanny Agencies holds certificates to cover both Public and Employer’s liability.

Legal Requirements: GNAG Recommended Nanny Agencies’ code of practice complies with the Employment Agencies Act 1973 and the D.T.I Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003.

Nanny Welfare

Nanny Advice: GNAG Recommended Nanny Agencies should provide information on nanny career development courses, on applying for a National Insurance Number, interview tips, detailed instructions or directions to each interview, and a solid briefing on each position for which the agency sends the nanny to interview.

Experienced Nanny: GNAG Recommended Nanny Agencies only submit nannies for jobs who have adequate experience and qualifications.

No Discrimination: A GNAG Recommended Nanny Agency will operate an equal opportunities policy and will not discriminate on grounds of race, religion or sex.

Conflict Resolution: GNAG Recommended Nanny Agencies offer to help with resolve potential conflicts between the parents and the nanny they have placed.