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Nannies for Adults during and after lockdown

2020 is turning out to be the year in which we all need an extra dose of TLC. The trend towards hiring nannies for adults that began in 2019 has grown exponentially due to our changing circumstances. Gone are the days Jacob Rees-Mogg’s nanny inspired Tracey Ullman to pen these hilarious sketches. Fast-forward to our Covid-19 influenced new normal and hiring a nanny for adults is turning out to be a popular investment to ensure household health and sanity.

Why hire a nanny for you as a parent?

Nannies pamper stressed parents, focussing on their needs rather than those of the children that are now at home for longer stretches than ever before. What began as an expansion of the childcare role – “look after the kids, then look after me!” has become recognized as a distinct role with specific tasks. Parents juggling successful careers and young families often find they run out of time to care for themselves. When our quality of life seems to be waning, it is time to be practical and seek solutions. Adult nannies are skilled multi-tasking, energetic professionals who are proficient in a wide range of skills: manicure, massage, style advise, meal planning, time management and sourcing treats that improve the everyday toil of coping with a demanding job and a house full of children.

Key skills of an adult nanny

  • Meal planning they take the stress out of thinking about what to make; they write the shopping list and make sure you have time to do the shopping (if you wish) and prepare the meal (if you feel like it).
  • Time management all those interminable to-do lists get broken down into chunks that minimize effort and maximise outcome. Adult nannies also talk sense so as to avoid the temptation to add more self-imposed tasks to the list as soon as others are completed. 
  • Pampering adult nannies will be strict at disconnecting you from work and home, providing you with a routine which includes those little treats that help you switch off and become a more relaxed version of you. 
  • Household chores while your children’s nanny takes care of the kids clothes, dishes and beds, you can rest assured that for those special few hours during the day/ week that the adult nanny is in your home, the dishwasher will be stacked or emptied as if by magic, the plants will be watered, those items you need to sell online will be listed on Ebay and your clothes will be ironed. 

Why hire a nanny as an elderly companion?

Coronavirus fears have left many adults concerned about their elderly relatives who still live in the community but require a helping hand. They are increasingly employing an adult nanny to keep an active eye on elderly relatives. This is a distinct position from that of a medically trained carer.

Adult nannies have a practical role, one of the main features being providing companionship.

Having a driving license and the right presence of mind, adult nannies care for elderly relatives and make their weekly outings safer. Reliable members of staff, these adult nannies sort out trips to the doctor or the shops. They make sure pets are properly taken care of. They prepare meals, sort out laundry and carry out general housework whilst always aware that their elderly companion is living an independent life thanks to this vital role they are playing in their lives.

Key skills of a companion for an elderly relative:

  • Mealtime support from keeping the elderly relative company during one of their daily meals, to actively preparing the food to be enjoyed in the evening or next day by the person that they nanny.
  • Odd jobs changing lightbulbs, helping with laundry, dusting difficult to reach corners, checking the thermostat, etc etc. Your adult nanny is a younger version of you and is there to help. 
  • Provide treats yes, simple though this sounds, an adult nanny is there to make sure the elderly relative gets treats, something that makes them happy: anything from a newspaper to a Skype or Zoom call with the rest of the family, consider it done! 

Want to find out more about becoming or hiring an adult nanny? Contact Irving Scott today.