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Live In & Live Out Nanny Jobs

Many nannies live in for the simple reason their day begins so early, it’s far more practical to be on site.  You will get up with the children, wash, dress and feed them and depending on their age take care of them all day.  You will also be expected to baby-sit on a regular basis.  Having a live in nanny job can be a wonderful or hideous experience as it is when different personalities live together under one roof.  Sussing out the general vibe of a household as well as following house rules will help avoid any unnecessary confrontations.

Some families prefer to have a live-out (daily) nanny for the same reasons some nannies prefer to live out – namely independence and privacy.  The positive side of this freedom must be maintained with excellent time keeping on the nanny’s behalf… you are employed to take the stress out of your employer’s day, not add to it!