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    Lady's Maid

    A Female Peer to the Gentleman’s Valet, a Lady’s Maid is a Modern Lady-in-Waiting, Version 2.0


    Tending to her client’s wardrobe and personal affairs, her focus is the satisfaction and assistance of the lady of the house, but can extend to a much wider scope in keeping with a modern woman’s needs and requirements.

    Encompassing a full spectrum of responsibilities, we engage Lady’s Maids who are skilled and adept at personal grooming, wardrobe assistance and styling advice. We ensure your Lady’s Maid matches your household in regards to etiquette, culture and any specialities you may demand.

    Traditional and Some Modern Responsibilities of a Lady’s Maid

    A lady's maid adeptly handles wardrobe care, personal shopping, and beauty treatments, while maintaining a focus on high-end fashion. She showcases expertise in managing fine linens and arranging fresh flowers, often inspired by Marie Antoinette timeless elegance. Her key skills include offering fashion advice and ensuring her employer's immaculate presentation at all times. The lady's maid also manages packing for trips and adapts to modern responsibilities such as online shopping and digital wardrobe organisation. Ultimately, a lady's maid is a versatile professional, seamlessly blending traditional duties with contemporary requirements.

    What is a Lady-in-Waiting?

    The term ‘lady-in-waiting’ brings to mind a role dating back many centuries when every female member of a royal family typically had one. The role was filled by a woman who was usually from nobility or who at least came from a “good society” family and acted as a personal assistant but was often thought of as more of a companion or friend than that of an employee.

    Historically, Lady’s Maids were chosen by a Princess (or the Queen herself), the Royal Family, or a combination of both. Quaint terms, but somewhat obsolete, for Lady’s Maids are companion, confidante, domestic, lady’s attendant, lady-in-waiting and waiting woman.

    In an era prior to the ultra-modern conveniences of our digital age, a lady’s maid would perform more or less the same tasks as a gentleman’s valet: helping with personal appearance, hairdressing, clothing, jewellery, and shoes. A lady’s maid would also mend and alter garments when needed. In those days, people wore elaborate clothes with many more accessories and accoutrement than today.

    A lady’s maid would serve her mistress breakfast in her room and also draw her mistress’s bath but wouldn’t be expected to clean her mistress’s quarters, as that would be accomplished by the housekeeper. People changed clothes an average of 5 times during the day, which meant that attendants were needed to maintain their wardrobes, which was a full time job. Even for their baths, a person was needed to heat and fetch the water.

    None of these effectively capture the 21st century demands placed upon the shoulders of a capable Lady’s Maid.

    Description of a Lady’s Maid

    Hired to serve as a lady-in-waiting to her female employer, she serves as a personal maid to the lady of the house. A client in need of a Lady’s Maid is typically a woman who leads a very busy lifestyle with social and professional engagements that require extensive wardrobe and lifestyle assistance.

    A Lady’s Maid will not only travel with her employer but may also act as her personal assistant in all arrangements before and during travel which include caring for and maintenance of her wardrobe and garments in all aspects and also ensuring that her personal living quarters are immaculate.

    Traditionally, a Lady’s Maid oversees the maintenance of her employer’s wardrobe, draws her bath, lays out her clothes, serves her meals when required, and keeps her client’s quarters tidy; this role is also changing with the times. In 2017, Kate Middleton’s previous ‘Girl Friday’ Rebecca Deacon decided to leave her post prior to her marriage and was replaced by the Chief Operating Officer of Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, Catherine Quinn, who has a great deal of philanthropic experience and has taken on the role of Private Secretary.

    This changing of the guard is a sure sign that the Duchess of Cambridge plans to carve out a more serious role for herself with her patronages and charity campaigning.

    Desirable Qualities of a Lady’s Maid

    Hire A Lady's Maid Today

    Discover unparalleled expertise in finding the perfect lady's maid for your esteemed household with Irving Scott, the leading Domestic Staffing specialists in London. We take immense pride in our keen understanding of the unique requirements of discerning employers. Our bespoke service ensures a seamless process, catering to those interested in hiring a dedicated lady's maid to assist with personal care, wardrobe management, and event preparation.

    At Irving Scott, we appreciate the importance of a harmonious match between employers and staff. Allow us to utilise our extensive network and experience to provide you with an exemplary lady's maid, tailored to your individual needs.

    Selecting Irving Scott as your domestic staffing specialist for procuring a Lady Maid in London is the epitome of discernment and sophistication. Our esteemed domestic staffing agency exude a sterling reputation for meticulously matching high-calibre candidates with distinguished households. With the unrivalled expertise, Irving Scott deftly navigates the labyrinthine nuances of the luxury service industry, ensuring a seamless integration of exceptional talent into your esteemed residence.

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    Most often a ladys maid does wear a uniform for ease and comfort. The uniform is often black and white, usually trousers and a polo neck shirt, with sensible footwear and a pinafore for doing chores. Find out more here.

    Given the nature of the job, this position is always filled by a woman, although our job descriptions are inclusive and all candidates are considered with a mind for equality.

    While traditionally a lady's maid works on a full-time, live-in basis, it's possible to find candidates open to part-time or temporary roles, depending on your requirements. Discuss your preferences with us to find the best arrangement.

    A full-time lady’s maid working in London can expect to receive a salary in the range of 40,000 GBP. The salary of a lady's maid varies depending on experience, location, and job responsibilities. It is worth mentioning that this can be higher for candidates with exceptional skills and experience.

    A lady's maid employment contract should outline job responsibilities, working hours, salary, benefits, and any additional perks. It's crucial to clarify expectations and requirements, such as live-in arrangements or travel, as well as any probationary periods, notice periods, and confidentiality agreements.

    Partner with a reputable domestic staffing agency, such as Irving Scott, to find an experienced and trustworthy lady's maid with a good knowledge of local cultures, tradition, and modern duties. We have an extensive network and can match you with a suitable candidate based on your requirements.

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