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Irving Scott in The Sunday Times

Astrology and the housing market have yet to hit it off, but Irving Scott, an upmarket household staffing agency, has launched a new service called Astrological Employment Compatibility.

The agency uses tried, tested and traditional ways of whittling down promising candidates. Then, for an additional £80, Ann-Louise Holland (@venusandvesta on Instagram), a trained shaman and astrologer, will consider their date and time of birth to see if they are truly suited to the job. This ultimate insider information — as well as planetary aspects — is particularly popular with Chinese, American and Middle Eastern clients.

I send over my details (sun sign Gemini), and Ann-Louise tells me that I hate being micro-managed (true), am a diligent worker and like being in control (sometimes true), so I could be a housekeeper or a cleaner, but only if I was a head cleaner.
– Helen Davies (The Sunday Times)