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Passionate about DIY – the upscale way

With vacancies for handyman positions growing by 5% year on year in London, it is with much pride that we announce that our loyal list of handyman candidates have skill sets our clients seek. One of the most valued skill that our candidates share is their ability to manage DIY projects. Although aided by high budgets, classy designs and unlimited imaginations, upscale DIY is a passion many of our clients share. Beside every client with a passion for home improvement, there is a handyman who helps facilitate the project.

Our clients are not immune to the attraction of home improvement shows on daytime television. They are also lucky enough to be able to choose how to spend their leisure time. When a desire to try some home improvements is complemented by a well-qualified handyman, the end result can be enviable.

Our candidates glean interior design ideas from the television, just as we do. A salaried handyman will know how to source the items featured on popular TV dramas and series. Having a handyman as a member of the domestic service team allows for home decor to be done in the most exclusive and bespoke manner possible.

When considering including a DIY feature to a renovated area within their principal’s household, a handyman researches methods, materials, tools and expert opinions before embarking on the task. The project manager is inevitably an interior designer, but by having a member of the domestic team with joiner/decorator skills such as a handyman, the project manager can dedicate their time instead to shopping at high end auctions for antiques or ordering custom-made furniture to add to the space.

Forget the common misconception that DIY is synonymous with poor quality, cheap, easy and often disposable achievements within the home. Irving Scott’s handymen are quick to inform us that their principals are drawn to DIY concepts because they are unique; they completely match individual taste and, above all, they are of the highest quality. Each material is chosen independently, every feature is stand-alone. For many clients, making their mark with a “do-it-yourself” space is often the first step to settling in to a new home in a foreign culture. A handyman will make this happen!