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General Data Protection Regulation

From day one we have ensured that everyone who comes into contact with Irving Scott is guaranteed confidential treatment of their personal details. Our internal culture is one of understanding and appreciating data privacy. The enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation on 25 May 2018 is an opportunity to show just how well we have been performing in this vital sphere of our business.

The new data protection law which will replace the Data Protection Act 1998 includes obligations that we already meet. We have taken the necessary steps to comply with the new legislation before the implementation date as we completely agree that all EU citizens must be protected against data breaches.

Irving Scott guarantees:

  • never to source information from third parties
  • to maintain a current and up-to-date database of all relevant personal information
  • to have an effective audit trail of how and when consent for storing personal data was given
  • to remain transparent about the data being processed, for which purpose, with whom it is shared and who has access to it
  • to inform clients or candidates if their data is likely to be transferred internationally
  • to make clients or candidates aware of separate processing activities affecting their profiles

GDPR at Irving Scott

With Irving Scott all personal information is secure. We are accountable for all data we store. We know it must be stored correctly in accordance with GDPR. As a small business it has been relatively easy to implement organisational and technical measures to assure this compliance with GDPR. We are confident that our standards meet the letter of the law.

For example, we keep detailed information for as long as it is necessary to place a candidate or fulfil the request of a client. Thereafter the data is minimalized and stored anonymously for business intelligence purposes, with regular contact maintained via a separate, opt-in, communication database for newsletters.  If a candidate or client wishes to be removed permanently from our records, this is notified in writing and complied to with immediate effect. Furthermore, if anyone wishes to enquire as to the personal data we have about them in our records, we can provide a copy of such data in electronic format.

Finally, in the unlikely event of there being a data breach (through a misplaced smart phone, for example) we at Irving Scott are committed to notifying our candidates and clients without undue delay.

Simply put, GDPR is not a worry for us.