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The Basic Benefits of Transferable Hospitality Experience

In our field of recruitment, where our aim is always to find the right person for the right position, we have a keen eye for transferable skills. We have had great success in placing candidates who had experience working at 5-star hotels such as the Mandarin Oriental and Claridges in private homes. So how does this work?

Transferable hospitality skills

Our clients seek candidates with a distinguished skillset which includes excellent connections, incomparable hospitality expertise, a knack for languages and competence at managing moments of competing demands. Where better to hone these skills than at the Dorchester or the Ritz? Those candidates from such backgrounds have grasped the art and soul of hospitality in an exclusive environment where only the very best succeed. When considering their next career move, Irving Scott is there to attract them to choose private household staff positions.


Clients typically place a higher value on applicants who are already established in London when they are considering a move to the nation’s capital. At Irving Scott, we have been successful in persuading the best qualified applicant for a client’s role to resign from their existing employment at a five-star hotel so that they can begin working for the client within a month of giving their notice there. This has allowed them to start working for the client immediately after giving their notice at their previous position. The satisfaction of the customer with the result was very high.


All of our candidates are expected to know how to act in certain situations and what behaviour is desired at all times. Those who come from 5-star hotel environments are familiar with dress codes, dining etiquette, welcoming celebrity guests, and so forth. Their sensible understanding of propriety allows them to enter seamlessly into a career full of sophisticated domestic personnel de maison opportunities.


With such so much talent, candidates can expect to receive a salaire to match their experience. At Irving Scott we facilitate a move into the highest-paid areas of hospitality – those offered in service privé. Full recognition is given to these specific skills and we ensure they are compensated accordingly. Frankly speaking, it is easier to earn a better wage in a private household.

Thinking of making the change from a hotel to private staff?

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